Wednesday , August 10 2022

Honest Band 5 smart bracelet for less than 26 euros!


The smart bracelet Honor Band 5 is ideal for sports enthusiasts.The smart bracelet Honor Band 5 is ideal for sports enthusiasts.

China's Huawei smartphone bracelet is as successful as the Apple smartphone. Customers appreciate their products primarily at the expense of innovation, flexibility and, of course, low retail prices. The new intelligent sports bracelet Honor Band 5 is also no exception. In fact, Huawei engineers have equipped it with a number of technologies that will help us in day-to-day work and sporting activities.

The intelligent bracelet of the Honor Band 5 can be cut off with a very precise measurement of oxygen levels in the blood and observing sleep and monitoring the general feeling of the face (possible fatigue, fainting, etc.). It also makes advanced mobile software for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. The news is expected to be connected to mobile devices via the Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection, which is now a standard. The battery can last up to six days, up to 14 days of continuous operation, which is undoubtedly a commendable achievement.

Although the intelligent sports bracelet Honor Band 5 offers a lot, fortunately it is not too expensive. At the Cafago online store at link, it can be ours for just 25.97 euros. The free delivery sale only lasts until the end of July so you should not be slow to buy. There is no chance of missed opportunity.

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