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How is it possible? Lancia more sold in 2019 by Alfa Romeo!


Although the Lancia brand is officially dead outside Italy, after selling new cars in 2019, it is still ahead of its sister Alfa Romeo.

To the deceased Sergio Marchionne many did not forgive this move when, in 2014, as Fiat's then main conglomerate of Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), it decided to extinguish the Lancia brand with more than a century of tradition. At the time, Marcion announced that cars under the Lancia brand would be sold only in Italy, and only the small city model ypsilon from 2011, which was made on the basis of the Fiat 500.

From other markets, Lancia, which has always been known as the "first-class" brand in Fiat, has completely retired. At FCA, however, all this attention and resources went to "this sporty" Alfa Romeo brand.

The result of 2019 is, at least, unusual. In the first six months, more Lancia cars were sold to FCAs within EU countries than Alfa Romeo. Although lancio ypsilon is sold only in Italy, they have registered as many as 34,700. In addition to giulia and stelvia, alpha also offers giulietto, myth and 4C, but there are only 27 702 sold in the EU, according to data from the European Association of ACEA Motorists.

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In the FCA, however, these figures are read slightly differently from the general public because, after all, the most important thing is how much profit they make from the investments made with each alpha sold and how much with the lancia.

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