Monday , September 26 2022

Huawei will offer 1 year free broken glass repair to buyers who buy the P30 series by the end of July


Do not worry. Huawei will replace the broken screen or back of your smartphone for free. *

Huawei offers Huawei Huawei's comprehensive Huawei warranty service for new phone customers to take care of their devices. By decision, the company consistently confirms the orientation in favor of consumers. In order to understand what collisions are most alarming among users aged between 18 and 55 together with IPSOS, an online survey was conducted in June in Central and Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.

Van Yamin, President of Huawei Device, CEE & Nordics: "The survey showed that the screen is the most likely and at the same time the most unpleasant event for phone owners. Consumers define the phone as a valuable asset, and because we value consumers, we want to show them that Huawei does not care. That's why we've offered them a free support package that, along with renowned phones, will remove the inconveniences that may arise from using and owning devices. "

"Errors happen because we are all people" Mr. Wang continues. "This is why we will help our Huawei smartphone users. 75% would "break the heart" if they lose valuable data that 63% of users are worried about possible screen damage. Consumers believe that the manufacturer must stay with them when something goes wrong and Huawei agrees with them. That is why we are proud to offer more and we hope that manufacturers will follow us. "

According to survey results, users are also concerned about battery damage (59%) or the device will stop functioning due to fluid spills. Most agree that smartphone manufacturers need to do more to protect consumers in the case of human errors or accidents (87%) and suggest that the cost of replacing shattered screens is too high (92%).

* Shelf support when most needed

Huawei's warranty is available to P30 customers who purchase the phone from July 10th to July 31st, 2019 and register it with HiCare during this time for 12 months.

During the expiration period, users are entitled to a free warranty replacement of a broken or damaged screen and / or back of the page due to accidental release, impact, or compression during normal use. They can make free Huawei's authorized service replacement.

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