Wednesday , June 7 2023

I love a junkie: Will we ever get rid of hell?


Unfortunately, there is no expert to assure you that the boy will not do this, which is why he is in danger. It is true that even in such a tragic event, you will not be held accountable or accused. The boy sends you emotionally. A very real threat of suicide is often a weapon of weight loss and egocentrism, like your boyfriend. Since she can not take responsibility for herself, she tries to put her on your shoulder. I do not think you did not know about the difficult task you took when you decided to help him with the nails of the medicine. I understand your motivation for this solution. Everything you've done for it is commendable. You believed that love would be the power that would help him overcome the drugs. It did not happen. Dependence is stronger than love with him, so he also turns into a vicious circle and finds no way out. Keep in mind that you have done everything in your power to help. I know it's bad, but it's important to put a strong border between you. You have left the boys because you have lost hope for your common future. After two long years of relationship, you felt that they were still, or again, and always again at first. Each of us is responsible for ourselves and our lives, at least in part. You showed your responsibility to yourself by leaving a relationship that did not have a future. These were your healthy choices and choices. Despite the boy's help, he could not take responsibility and did not feel enough to shake off the drugs. Will he ever succeed, no one knows. Though you laugh, do not let them harass you and cheat on you. He still hopes that you will return, if not through requests, by extortion. But the conversations with him always give you pain and a sense of guilt and responsibility for him, so I advise you to break all the contacts with the boy. Only then will you calm down and emotionally distance yourself. This is the only way to find the inner equilibrium again. In this story, you have finally found two roles that are incompatible. Until recently, you were his girlfriend, now you have left him and the moment you are already in the comfort of his pain. He suffers because you left him. Do you understand why this is impossible? So shake off feelings of responsibility and guilt related to the boy. If you do, others can not change. They can only change if they really want and if they can. Take care of yourself, find new strengths for life challenges. Find a boy who will not need a "savior," so you'll have more opportunities for a successful relationship. I wish you much success.

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