Thursday , June 1 2023

IBRIČIĆ's star friend put an end to the conjectures and … MUST!


One Jacko pledged allegiance on June 20, 2022.

One Jacko ended up guessing about his future and expanded his cooperation with the Italian first team Roma by three more seasons, according to the Romans camp. The 30-year-old was convinced by many that he was on the verge of switching to a Serie A Inter racer, but surprisingly he decided to extend his loyalty to the Roman club by June 30, 2022. Also because he was no longer ready to wait the unfolding of the story with Maura Icardi …

"In the last weeks, in discussions with the top executives of the club, I have learned how much they want me to stay," explained one Dzheko, who is one of Captain Domzal Seniad Ibricic's best friends. He joined Sims Wolves in August 2015 from Manchester City, playing 179 games for Roma and scoring 87 goals. During the 2016/17 season he was the first goalkeeper of the Italian Championship.

Roma finished sixth in Serie A last season, and under the direction of new coach Paul Fonsese, the new season will begin next week against the Genoa team.

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