Sunday , June 20 2021

In a bloom of SD over Prischka: does the defense make sense?

The wider leadership of the BD met in Ljubljana at the first conference this year. They analyzed the results of the local elections, discussed the preparations for this year's European Parliament elections and the priorities and projects of the party this year. However, they have failed to avoid debating their complaints to their culture minister, who has recently been the subject of accusations of victimization in the workplace, and allegations of abuse of office.

Prechekek, who has not retired to the press today, acknowledges the mistake he made in transferring instruments to the Ljubljana Music and Ballet Conservatory, but denied the allegations of blackmailing the subordinates.

Gidan, who said a few days ago that the Minister should take his finger on the mistakes he made but left the BD in the BD for his position, said today that the conference also discussed the events at the Ministry of Culture. "The Social Democrats are glad that important moves have taken place. These important movements, with their letters, appeals and other forms of communication, are also presented by many cultural professionals who work in both professional culture and amateur culture. " – he said.

He added they were pleased that their ministers were able to draw some points from the coalition agreement within the coalition talks. "It is particularly important to increase funds to support amateur and professional culture and this is an important increase in the money that will be available for Slovenian science and research this year" "he explained.

Minister Priszek also wrote in Twitter on Friday that the government has approved an additional budget, which provides for an increase of 30 million euros for a full funding of culture. "Therefore, the share of the budget of the Ministry of Culture in the state budget will again be 1.90% for the first time since 2012."he wrote.

He did not respond to journalists' questions, but said that the fate of Minister Presik would be known in the next few days.

Although the leadership of the party seeks the reasons for the prosecution's accusations of exploitation, if it disrupts many in the ministry and in the culture as a whole, that it will eventually have to begin several years of closed cases, tasks and calls, it will also announce numerous revisions of the distribution and the draining of money, in fact, within the BD, this question is quite splendid, said Susanna Perman in the broadcast at 24UR. The party's management is pleased that the complaint with mobilization complaints has managed to lead to the illegal transport of trumpets and the alleged planned destruction of the Minister. The fact is, however, that in practice no one believes that this defense of the minister or his secretary of state has any meaning. And if, on Monday after Sharsh's decision, the minister had to say goodbye, he would leave not only with Scobernet, who had already apologized for sexist behavior and sexual harassment years ago. As they came with the Minister in his trust package, another Secretary of State should be congratulated Woop Stopar,

As far as preparations for the European elections are concerned, he said today they believe it is important to increase the democratic nature of the European institutions in the BD. "Only the European Parliament is currently democratically elected,In the coalition government of the Bundestag they suggest that a European commissioner from Slovenia may be a candidate for European elections in the European elections, which gets the confidence of voters in the coalition and is elected, and that the Coalition proposal for the European Commissioner must be a proposal from a member of the European Commission who receives the most votes, said Gidan.

In his words, people understand the European Commission as something alienated. Even the fact that candidates or commissioners who have not participated in the European elections have come from somewhere, decreasing the voter turnout, which was one of the lowest five years ago, Gidan said in a one-minute statement that did not answer questions about European elections. ,

It is well known that the support of the Jews for the list bearer is the current MOEW Tanya Fayon, who came to the European Parliament at the last election with preferential votes, thus pushing the then party president and the holder of the list, Igor Luksic. What will be the list of the BD of these elections, he had to be known in mid-February, they explained later in the party.

As a result of last year's local elections, the party, according to the Hebrew speeches, "dto some extent satisfied"The number of their saints, as well as the number of urban municipalities led by the representatives of the BD, is increasing." If we started with a municipal municipality four years ago, we now run four municipalities, and the fifth city municipality is headed by the mayor. support, "he said.

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