Wednesday , September 28 2022

In the face of photography


Huawei solemnly presented the latest P30 and P30 smartphones for this week in Paris, which Slovenian cell phone operators gladly offered in advance, as everyone expects to be excellent again. And in particular, the end-of-professional model, the new giant of the Chinese giant, who sold a record 206 million units last year and is still consolidating second among smartphone manufacturers. More phones – nearly 294 million – are sold only by Korean Samsung.

ISO is the highest sensitivity of the sensor at P30 pro.

Mega Optical Zoom

Chamber camera (calf, standard and wide angle) with extra depth sensor – and flash, of course. PICTURE: Stash Ivanc

A P30 Pro brings something new to the world of mobile photography: the periscope magnification, which has solved the problem of placing enough lenses at a sufficiently large "distance" in a thin body (8.4 millimeters) for a specific optical zoom. The solution is already known by compact cameras: the light falls on the prism of the telephoto that breaks and falls through the other lenses at an angle of 90 degrees, which makes Huawei engineers in the already traditional collaboration with the German Leica capable of increasing the focal length and placing the right phone housing. telephoto lens equivalent to a 125mm lens with a 35mm classical camera.
The 8 megapixel telephoto lens, combined with the 40 megapixel main camera, offers a 5x optical zoom for the user, but given the fact that the P30 pro has a 16-millimeter ultra-wide 20 million pixel camera, it means almost eight times the optical zoom! Well, Huawei talks five times about the optical, ten-times hybrid and 50-fold digital zoom, which is pretty impressive. The three-dimensional recording mirror helps a new three-dimensional depth detection sensor that provides excellent portrait images with blurry backgrounds. There is no model for the P30 of this sensor, and the cameras have a resolution of 40, 16 and 8 MP.

Painting in the dark is even better. PICTURE: Stash Ivanc

The first one

Huawei User Device Manager Richard Y in Paris again failed to keep a smile when describing the photographic (and other) features of the new phone. We understand it: DxOMark's famous photographic portal gives him a total rating of 112 (119 for photography, 97 for video and 86 for sophie), making the P30 proud to sneak into the best range of the best camera phones. Macrophotography remains at well-known 2.5 inches, and with the help of software, it reduces distortions at the edges of the image when shooting with an ultra-wide angle lens. Even the 32-megapixel auto-portrait camera is not aligned.

Painting in the dark

The new sensor, called the super spectrum, now uses even more light with the transition to RYYB instead of the classic RGGB (red-green-green-blue) with the highest ISO sensitivity of the main camera of the P30 Pro raised on the divine 409 600 or 204 800 in P30. Wide aperture (f / 1.6), optical image stabilization (OIS), and AIS stabilization with a new sensor allow you to shoot in extremely low light: in virtually full darkness, so shooting in dark or dark premises is not a problem at all. Video capture has also been improved, with shots in the dark already better illuminated, and telephoto video is also better.

New design

They also determine the shape of the phone. The big tab at the top of the screen was delivered: it was replaced by a "drop" section in which the elf camera is hidden. The black edges are even smaller, and the screen with both P is cold (last year's P20 had a classic LCD display, Oled was reserved for the more expensive P20 pro). The P30 pro has a 6.47-inch screen and P30 with a 6.1-inch display with a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels with a 19.5: 9 aspect ratio. They also offer new color shades on the back glass page: sell the color of the breathing crystal, the color of the northern shade, and black, and the color of the amber sunrise and pearl white will be missing.

There are other little things
Huawei also introduced a smart clock GT active and elegant, freelance wireless headset and intelligent X gentlemonster eyewear in Paris, produced in collaboration with Gentle Monster.

The P30 battery has a capacity of 3650 mAh and the P30 pro is 4000 mAh; The first one is familiar with fast charging (22.5 watts) and the other is powered by supercharged charging (40 watts), fast wireless charging (15 watts) and reverse wireless charging, which means that other phones can also be filled with P30. The fingerprint sensor is hidden at the bottom of the screen while in the professional model the top of the screen serves as a loudspeaker (already known by the TV world). Both phones control audio playback according to Dolby, bt aptx, aptx hd, ldac, lhdc, and the P30 has a classic 3.5mm output but less waterproof than the P30 pro.

He asks the P20 series
Half a year after launching a series of 20 partners equipped with the latest Android 9-pie packaged in the emui 9 user interface, the P20 series also had a hard-to-access operating system update that also has P20 control moves. There is also a fintica: anyone who wants to receive a pie update as soon as it is available for his phone is required to register via the Huawei HiCare application.

How about the price?

Huawei P30 and P30 Pro are already on sale, with P30 with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB storage will be deducted 700 EUR, for P30 pro with 6 GB and 128 GB and 8 GB and 256 GB memory, 900 and 1000 EUR respectively .

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