Thursday , June 24 2021

Increase in residential and watering basements threatened by water is worst in Illyria

The heavy rains caused problems especially on the night of Illyricka Bistritsa, which will be visited by the Minister of Environment and Territorial Development Yure Lebben at 11.00. In the area of ​​frequent floods that flood Vipava and the inland River River, flooding of Ljubljnitsa, Krka and Sava is planned. Due to flooded roads and avalanches, several roads are closed.

In Ilirskobishnishki, at night, the meteoric waters in the settlements of Yasen, Vrbovo and Vrbitsa threatened residential buildings. Firefighters who cleaned the sewer and installed flood streams were sent. Meteorological water threatens and flooded residential buildings in the area of ​​Postojna, Pivka and Divova, also in the municipalities of Hppele – Kozina and Chernitsa.

The Sava River near LytiaPHOTO:

In Senožeče flooded torrential and filled restaurant. Firefighters redirected the water stream, water from the eating and courtyard and installed submersible pumps for automatic pumping.

Sprinkled water also watered cellars in the municipalities of Koper and Piran, where they also had to help with lighted bags. Elevated water is also flooded in some places in Gorenjska and Koroška, ​​namely in Kotelje and Slovenj Gradec district, according to data from the Administration for the Protection and Rescue of the Republic of Slovenia.

Due to the water on the road several roads are closed

Due to the flooded roads, several roads are closed, namely the Iliarska Bistrica-Ribnica-Postojna main road between Dolna Bitnja and Gornja Bitnja, the Divna-Ribnitsa regional road near Bue and the regional road Manche-Stanel and Logatec-Rivet at the exit for Medvede Brdo. The local road Senoghetti-Jevnitsa and Sava-Moschenik are also closed.

Due to the water on the road, traffic on the regional roads of Vipava-Manka and Ilirska Bistritsa-Knezak-Pivka is very difficult. The regional road Esenice-Gorze is closed because of the landslide, and the half-way is on the local road Varmica-Zavala, according to the information center of the roads.

Notranjska River is a flood and is already decreasing in the upper stream

According to the Environment Agency of the Republic of Slovenia (Arso), Vipava River floods in upper and middle currents in areas of frequent floods. In the middle and downstream, it will gradually increase until the afternoon. The Norton River is flooding, but it is already falling in the upper stream. In the middle and downstream the morning will reach the top and begin to fall in the morning.

Today the rivers Ljubljnitsa and Krka with karst tributaries will continue to grow and will be transferred to areas of annual floods. The rise of Krka in the upper stream will be established today in the middle of the day.

The Sava River runs in the middle streams in open areas and has a steady flow that will continue to last for much of the day. In the lower stream his stream will increase until the evening. The remaining rivers in southern and central Slovenia, which spill overnight and morning, will fall during the day, says Arso. Slovenia, meanwhile, ceased to rain. According to weather forecast today will be cloudy today and there will be some more plates.

The Sava River near LytiaPHOTO:

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