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Instagram winner: gets up to 300 messages from #video per day


Petra Parrov is currently one of the most popular personal trainers in Instagram. She does not excite her followers only with exercise and diet tips, but also with imaginative fun. We spent Petra with a hot morning in Tivoli Park, where he revealed all summer things to himself.

Petra Parlov began working with the gym eight years ago. From the beginning, she wanted to do something about it, but she was still not sure enough to get along this path. "I did not feel competent enough because I knew that personal training was a really complex job that required an individual approach to each person and that this knowledge could not be obtained in one year."

When she finished her kinesiology training, her self-esteem came to her, she left her regular work and started. "Why, because you are facing new examples of people who require very different approaches from day to day, this is my challenge, that's my passion."

Petra Parlov

Photo: Anna Kovacs

What do you think of "bikini body" as a coach?

We spent Petra on a hot summer afternoon in Tivoli Park, where she revealed the interesting summer things for herself: her summer hair would never be dressed, where she spent her craziest break in life, what was the craziest break, what kind of workout recommends. the summer months and – most importantly – what he thinks of the term "body of bikini".

Instagram is almost indispensable in everyday life

Currently, she teaches about a hundred girls when she is getting ready challenges and much more, she says. "I have many, very good girls.

For many followers and customers, you can thank Instagram, without whom you would not develop as it is, it is interpreted. "For me, this is a gadget that I use daily, not only in terms of work that falls under the skin (laughter, op.P.) Comments, answers, in short, the link of followers is the one that created this" meaning " , if they do not almost instantly Instagram in my everyday life and work. "

With Instagram, she receives about 95% of customers, and if not the other: "She was a friend of a friend who followed me at Instagram."

Petra Parlov

Photo: Anna Kovacs

– I think I publish the picture or not, I say "f *** it"

Certainly, Peter acquires many trackers because of his sincerity and futility because he also publishes pictures that many women would not or would not have prepared in advance.

For example, under which she has explicitly recorded what she thinks about her butt:

I think I publish a picture but I do not … so I say f *** it. If I posted all the opportunities to go, I'll do it. I'm not at all. In the sea of ​​perfect asses of Instagram, I am a little shame. T-shirt, however, is so !! Frankly, I was on the verge of telling Leila to cure cellulite and edit the shape of the ass (yes, even that) … … if I did not do this before, this time I will not be to install or no .. I will not say that I care because I do not. Although I hate perfection, the female body is fascinating precisely because it goes through thousands of hormonal changes and we are stupid if we do not accept it. This is part of us. That makes us women. When we feel strangers, it's a fantasy that we stop for a moment and we remember that … But we should not do that for pizza .. ☝️? Salad is nice ? Zdej I go to her dress, so in swimsuits and they think next summer will be a similar image that I will post without thought ??? #woman #womanpower #pospartum #beachbody #imperfection #cellulite #embracechanges #doyourbest #instagram #bikini #booty #peach #mamlife #requife # can

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"Instagram is a great platform for informing people as well as everyone else, but it's too common for some perfect life that is influenced by people (with a large number of followers)," she explained.

The pursuit of ideals that are almost untrue in daily life leads to dissatisfaction, underestimation of oneself, envy of others … At the same time we can show another platform, Instagram, a true picture and imperfection. We are human, we all have stings, mistakes and bad days. Why show perfection if it does not exist?

She added that every influential person depends on what he will show. "Of course, I understand that most people prefer to watch a cassette video of a dressed woman in a dress after the latest fashion, like someone with unexplainable hair, tights and comfortable clothes for the home, if we are real, then we all hide it, do not we?

Petra Parlov

Photo: Anna Kovacs

Instagram makes it easier, but it also loads it

Such incomplete messages are encouraged by women and they are motivated by self-esteem, which is why Intrinth Instagram grows day by day. Accordingly, there are also a number of comments and messages that are getting quite a lot daily. "Depends on what I do during the day (laughs, ops) From 100 to 300 messages." "Undetectable, unfortunately, I can not answer at all." "Especially not with a little baby now.

Petra admits that Instagram definitely makes it easier to carry out his work, but it is often overwhelming. "It's hard for me to accept criticism from myself, I admit, and when you personally expose a large number of people, there are also negative comments, and some are also inappropriate."

Often I have the feeling that I am a bad person or a poor mother in the last period. But this is part of it. Instagram is a two-edged sword. I still learn everything that comes with me.

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