Wednesday , May 18 2022

It hurts us to spread false information


After they did King Hall and Gasper Chantel canceled the appearance of Trnovfest and the organizer (Center for Slavic Cultures France Prešeren) announced on Facebook that they would not be "blackmailed by raising the agreed fee after the announcement of the program" and that all 24 ticket buyers would be reimbursed, a Eurovision representative during the year .

Hall and Gasper reported that the organizer was constantly refusing to sign the contract, but nevertheless began to sell tickets. They wrote (unreleased): "As regards the allegations of extortion for a higher fee, it must be said that it offers a single price for all organizers. The same was the case with Trnovfest, where the organizer simultaneously offered an agreement for a certain share of the tickets sold if it exceeded the price offered. /…/ After all, we are more than welcome by any loss of profit, which, at the beginning of the journey, is more than welcome to us as a musician, but not nearly a priority, it hurts that the organizer is spreading false information, even though we were all more than reasonable this time, that despite the deadline for signing the contract, we waited and tried to encourage the organizer to somehow agree and to really do everything to bring it out the concert and thus not to leave people in a liking. In an industry full of blackmail from powerful clients (which is not the case with most musicians), we do not want to continue to allow them to do so. Not to mention professionalism when we post private correspondence. "

Eventually, they also promised to make a "very cool concert" for everyone who wanted to come.

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