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J.Lo broke the concert because of the fiancé


Jennifer Lopez, who met her abraham a few days ago, had three concerts in Miami this week as part of her It's My Party tour. One of them was a bit more special because she prepared two pre-settings for her fiancé Alexa, who celebrated her 44th birthday.

J.Lo makes special efforts for the fiancé in execution.PHOTO: Profimedia

She celebrates her 50th birthday on July 24th Jennifer Lopez, her fiancé was already in his turn Alex Rodriguez, aged 44 years.

"Thank you all for your kind and sincere wishes for your birthday. I am incredibly happy and grateful for where I am in my life. I thank the Lord for my blessings today and every day. It is important that everyone spends a minute and celebrates themselves, not just the day you celebrate your birthday. We all make mistakes in life. Insist. Go ahead. Never give up. Miracles happen. I think about it every day. Thank you all and I have a wonderful day!"Alex thanked Instagram for publishing a clip from a party where he and his fiance gave him a duck during a dance.

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On social networks he also congratulated J.Lo, who published a clip that was created during her concert in Miami. The new Abrahamovka interrupted his performance and took care of the peak of tonight. Her dear, who enticed her on stage, brought all the best with the crowd of visitors, and her 11-year-old twins joined her on stage, Emmy and Max, and daughter of Alex, 14 years old Natasha and at 11 years Come on,

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"Today and every day I celebrate you, my love … You are unique, my storm and the shelter in the storm … Thank you for the light of my life … I wish you the most beautiful birthday! All 13 Best!"Y. Greet him at Instagram.

Of course, this evening was not missing even the huge multi-story baseball birthday cake, and her number 13, which symbolizes the number of Alex's shirt.

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A 50-year-old singer also prepared a special place for singing and dancing where the celebrity was the focus of attention. J.O opened the song of Alex If you had my lovewhile she performed her seductive and sexy moves during her performance. Well, and undoubtedly we can say that he is not used to such attention as his dear, because he is a little embarrassed. More in the video below:

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Alex had surprised his precious birthday party before his birthday with a luxurious gift. She gave her a sports car, the red porsche 911 GTS. According to foreign media reports, he has paid $ 140,000 for him, which is about 126,000 euros. Before he gave it to him, he laid a huge golden ribbon for him. The new steel hobby has not only a famous Abrahamovka but also he. For his birthday, Alex acquired a new car – the classic Ford Blue Bronco, which immediately made a circle. Instead of a passenger, he was accompanied by a fiancé.

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After two years of marriage, J. Lo and Alex joined the Bahamas in March. A-Rod asked her with a huge diamond ring worth a million dollars, about 898,000 euros. In June J. Lo said they would go to the altar next year. Among other things, she revealed one of her wishes: "I wish you a great wedding and this time I would like to marry a church. I have never been married in the church and have been married three times. "

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