Thursday , June 17 2021

Joint exercise of police and rescuers: shooting at the restaurant

Police, the Ministry of the Interior and the UKC Ljubljana signed a co-operation plan together with a joint exercise. According to the script, a quarrel broke out in the restaurant, covered hostages, and policemen and rescuers came to the scene. Shabender stressed that police and CCP cooperation was excellent.

The head of the Department of the Interior, the Police and the University Clinical Center (UKC) Ljubljana signed today a cooperation plan for 2019, which they want to boost already good cooperation. The event was triggered by joint exercises of the Special Forces and Rescue Officers of the UKC. They showed how their fieldwork took place.

The annual cooperation plan was signed by the Minister of the InteriorBoschian OccupationDirector General of the PoliceTatiana Bobnar and General Director of Ljubljana UKC Aleš ShabberAll three stressed the importance of good coordination between members of the different services when it is necessary to take care of the safety and life of the people.

Collaboration between the police and the UKC is excellent

Their unified assessment is that long-time cooperation between the police and the UKC is excellent. According to Bobnar they share the mission and work on the ground for the benefit of the people: "The result of our excellent collaboration will be felt by the people we all work together that are very difficult to wait for the sound of sirens when in trouble."

Shabender reminded that the police and the CCP are also involved in a number of preventive actions, such as high-warning actions against the use of pyrotechnic articles. He also said police also took care of protecting the critical infrastructure of the UKC. Occlusar added that signing the annual plan would improve the excellent cooperation between the two services.

Police officers, doctors and rescuers are often faced with a common task in unpredictable and dangerous circumstances, accompanied by a battle over time. Thus, the annual plan defines general training. Police and UL Ljubljana provide financial and human resources to implement the plan.

When signing the cooperation plan, shooting scenarios are being run in a restaurant restaurant.PHOTO: Aljosa Craven

Burning in the restaurant: rescuers and police specialists came to the scene

The legal basis for police and CCC cooperation is set out in the Law on Organization and Work in the Police and the Law on Health. Collaboration takes place at different levels of the two departments, depending on the area of ​​work. The details of cooperation at the lower levels are governed by the general procedures for carrying out this activity.

Collaboration between the police and the CCM also includes the implementation of helicopter flights of critically ill and incubator, the provision of emergency medical assistance in field field activities, cooperation in the field of prevention, the conduct of competence check and the observance of the requirements in emergency situations and the preparation of different protocols for work.

Otherwise, the scenario of today's joint work of police officers and rescuers at the UKC provides shooting at the restaurant bar. The jealous partner working at the local supermarket returned after the dispute, shot a security guard and took several hostages to hostages. Upon calling one of the guests to the emergency call number 113, a special unit is activated.

The police "specialists" hurried to the scene, along with the rescuers. The police disarmed an armed striker, protected the space and made the first sort. Immediately behind them, security rescuers entered the store, providing wounded and frightened hostages. The heavier injured were taken to the clinic with an ambulance.

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