Friday , June 18 2021

Justin is being treated for depression, but it has nothing to do with Haley

Singing star Justin Bieber is seeking help because of depression, sources who still insist that nothing is related to his law or law. husband Haley Baldwin. Justin helps pastor of the Hillsong church, friend Karl Lenz.

Singer Justin Bieber has not been in the best mental state lately since she was looking for help …PHOTO: Profimedia

Obviously, the burden of fame is quite difficult when it comes to the 24-year-oldJustin Bieber, for which many sources report seeking help from depression. "He has been tired for a while but has nothing to do with Haley because they are happy married.They are for the magazine people sources say, but the fact is that Justin looks really tired and tired lately.

"He is in good hands, as he will certainly be better soon""the sources added, until recently the paparazzi were captured in Los Angeles where he was a pastor of the Hillsong church, friend.Carla Lenzza,

Lenz shoots how the singer laughed, but it is obvious that you are quite close. Bieber recently admitted that he had a problem with people's trust for his early glory.

"It's hard for me to trust people. I had people around me who used me and I was not there for me, and some of the writers drew something from me and then used it against me. The biggest thing for me is trust in yourself. even in relationships, these mistakes have influenced my self-esteem and judgment, I have even difficulty in trusting Haley, I work with things that are great, right?recently said.

… because of the depression the pastor of the Hillsong church, friend Karl Lenz, helped.PHOTO: Profimedia

Justin was successful because he was 13 years old and did not have much time for anything but a career, so he took the time to review to find out who he really is, what he wants in life and in dealing with people. For some time, he lost his compass when he looked after a number of excesses, but he also admitted that some were turning him into control, and he was arrogant and rude.

Still, he seems to have invented his life now, and since September last year he has married 22-year-old Haley, who seems to be in love with him. But to continue working and working on it is so encouraging and praiseworthy that life is best organized so that it can be covered with a full spoon.

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