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Karim's Wife: If you were watching the show and you would not know it, I'll be cricket again,

The ninth edition of the MasterChef culinary show was filled with emotions – this time not only by competitors but by the judging trio. Karim Merdjadi, who celebrates his 25-year marriage with his wife Elena, was waiting for a real surprise.

In the ninth edition of the MasterChef show in Slovenia, surprises were not usually missed. This time it was not just three judges: Karim Merdjadi, Luka JeserenskandGood Vicker the one who took care of the high temperatures in the already heated MasterChef kitchen – a surprise was waiting for Karim, who was visiting his wife's chestHelen, for a very special reason and at the same time a task. Her visit was to be kept secret until she joined her husband on the stage of the jury at the invitation of Luca and Binetta and made a pleasant surprise. The latter was accompanied by Karim's wide smile, and the current contestants could not hide the tears of gas.

Helena Merdjadi at a silver marriage wedding and her life with KarimPHOTO: POP TV

While recording the show, Helena was caught in the scenes and asked her what the recipe for the long-standing law is, what exactly is the top chef's wife and MasterChef Judge, what are her culinary skills, who is most often cooked at home, what is Karim and whether she fell in love with her husband after 25 years of marriage.

& # 39;I think you have to be at least a little like a partner, not too different … But the most important thing to me is: faithfulness, trust, comfortable home and family.Thus, Henna mentions her recipe for a successful law that recognizes that she was afraid to go to cook at the beginning of her relationship with Karim because she did not know how high his expectations would be. But the fear, as she had said to the same breath, was totally unnecessary. Karim proved to be an unpretentious dish, which is almost everything, except for stuffed peppers and chicken. Asked who in the local kitchen has repeatedly assumed the role of a chef, Elena said she was her. Shortly after the wedding, Karim has repeatedly prepared a culinary specialty, but this has changed slightly over the years of the law and numerous official duties and travels. Fortunately, Heleny said that this is not a problem as she enjoys cooking in her own kitchen – she pointed out that unlike her husband she did not always follow the toughest recipes and that many dishes were prepared "in the mind",

Karim, despite its culinary skills, is not difficult: everything, except for the stuffing of peppers and chicken steamPHOTO: POP TV

Since Carrie did not even dream that his better half would join him on the show, he asked Elena what his reaction might be, and whether we could even see a tear on his face. & # 39;Yes, he will surely be surprised … after two days of "lie" that I have countless deals and so I'm so home that he will surely be surprised,said Karim's wife, and laughed,No, we certainly will not see tears.& # 39;

Since Elena is the one who best knows Karima alone, we were interested in what he considered to be a MasterChef judge: too strict, soft or just. She gave this question a funny answer, confirming that she would fall in love again with her husband: If you were watching the show and you would not know it, I would "shudder" in it again … It's so nice (laughs).& # 39;

Helena also had a special task in the ninth edition: she had to direct the winning yellow team to the preparation of the cake after Karim's taste. All her advice on what Karim likes and what she definitely disliked proved to be right, which Karim, who confirmed Binne and Luko's distorted questions, confirmed that his wife actually knew him very well. Even before Helena joined her husband on stage as an element of surprise, a colleague of the judge asked her about a recipe for a successful and long marriage. Karim responded in a fun style with the words:Three rules apply … It is better to have peace than to be right, the other nod, and in the end your word should always be the last, namely: "Yes, dear." "

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