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Kaspersky Survey: Are Smart Car Devices Safe? – Remarks


Kaspersky Survey: Are Smart Car Devices Safe?

Research by Kaspersky

Kaspersky researchers have analyzed the market for spare parts for automotive devices that have made cars more intelligent. This category of devices proved to be safer than other devices on the Internet of Things.

There are currently two ways in which car enthusiasts can acquire a related vehicle. They can buy a vehicle that has already been designed as a design or with the help of a number of smart devices and accessories to improve the connectivity of the existing car. Although both options create better driving, intelligent technology is also a new area for malicious purposes. These are numerous media and different studies of Kaspersky
showed repeatedly. This is an inevitable problem: when technology becomes crucial, security-related problems are also increasing.

Kaspersky Researchers have explored whether Internet Device Device Safety has any impact on manufacturers of intelligent devices in the automotive industry. A number of randomly selected devices, including the OBD Dongle Scan Tool, Tire Pressure and Temperature Control Tool, Intelligent Alarm System, GPS Tracker, and Dashboard Camera, are being analyzed.

The findings were surprisingly surprising to the researchers. While Internet devices often show a number of vulnerabilities, intelligent and connected devices in the automotive field have proven to be quite safe. Researchers did not find any serious vulnerabilities in them but found some security issues: the possibility of remote access to dynamic driving data through the diagnostic system reader, the ability to manipulate reporting of errors caused by the pressure monitoring system
tires and even the possibility of opening the vehicle door through abuse of the alarm system. However, the extraction of these "maneuvers" is very difficult or does not bring any obvious or unprincipled. immediate profit.

"The devices we were viewing were consistent with many security policies, and with very few minor issues were satisfactory, due in part to the limited functionality of these devices and to the fact that a successful attack on the device would not have serious consequences. and thanks to the vigilance of the manufacturers, we are glad that they have made efforts to ensure device safety, a good sign for the entire automotive industry. zhesh
released. Experience shows that more of the device is smart, the greater the potential for security problems. That's why we need to think carefully about safety in the early stages of product development, especially when a new generation of intelligent devices comes on the market, "said Kaspersky security researcher Victor Chebyshev.

Kaspersky Experts advise on better intelligent equipment protection:
– When choosing which part of the car will make you a little smarter, first take into account the safety risks. Consider twice whether the device is connected to the vehicle's telemetry or can access the vehicle's "brain".
– Look for potential vulnerabilities before purchasing the device on the Internet. Probably security researchers have already reviewed the device you are buying. This way, you can find out if any problems are detected and are already permitted.
– It's not always best to buy the latest product on the market. Along with standard mistakes that are common in news, such devices may also contain security issues that security researchers have not yet discovered. The best solution is to purchase a device that has already been completed with some software updates.
– Always think about the "mobile dimension" of the device, especially if you have an Android device. Apps can often help us make life easier for us, but once the smartphone is infected with malware, it can be quite wrong.
– Kaspersky has developed the KasperskyOS operating system, which is widely used in the production of custom hardware and software operas to overcome the cyber-security challenges of smart devices. The system is used in many areas; mobile devices, personal computers, Internet devices, intelligent energy systems, industrial systems, telecommunication and transport systems. Kaspersy sees opportunities for further development
the KasperskyOS operating system that meets the needs of users and provides the highest levels of security that can be achieved in a variety of areas, including the automotive industry.

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