Monday , June 14 2021

Katy Perry showed everyone a party dummy penis?

On the ninth anniversary of the eponymous album Kloss decided to talk about his unpleasant experience with popstar, which he should have at one of the Hollywood parties "Inappropriate contact who did not consent",

Working with a famous singer however, it marked him the most "the most humiliating job he ever had",

While recording the video, the singer in front of the whole team had to explain that his kissing was "disgusting" and one night she was invited to a strip club, especially however, there was one event in his memory.

The young man describes the fashion stylist Johnny's birthday Wujka, where it is suggested that a singer in a bunch of people should pull him to the edge of shorts and pants to show everyone his penis. "Can you imagine how sorry and embarrassed I felt?he asks Kloss,

Katy Perry filmed the hit Teenage Dream nine years ago. Photo: EPA

He adds that he did not speak about it at the time, as he had to continue working with Perry, since he needed money and however, PR officials have forbidden him to mention any star publicly.

He says he has now decided to share his story to show in today's pursuit of perverted men at work that men can be abused, regardless of gender.

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