Sunday , November 29 2020

Kitajski znanstvenik made a genetically modified milking parlor

Kitajski University Professor He Jiankui is a scientist to make them the first genetically modified millet. With the Crisp technology, the DNK has been tweaked so that it can not be boosted by the hiv virus, it is rude. Njegove trditve that does not necessarily receive, numerous knowledge and criticisms, reports the press agencies.

The Deklii, who was born to Lulu in Nana, were born out of the ordinary, but they were blessed. Vendar pa used the egg that had been altered, handed over to the uterus. "As for the sperm that can be sent to the egg, the embryologist has sent the protein Cas9 into the gene therapy operation, focusing on the fact that they have been pre-emptied with the hive," he said in a video, unveiled on Sunday Youtubu.

The Delphi system of Crispr is compiled from the major RNK and Cas9 proteins, which are designed in the city, and are used by the RNK. Crisp tore as intelligent stunts that engage in a determined city in the genome and decide if it is necessary, therefore, to eat more shitti. With the help of this method, zamenjajo gen kateregakoli organma.

Identity of the elderly and the slaughtered in the city of Shenzhen has said that the eyes are positive, and that the slave should suffer discrimination.

Znanstvenikovih trditev zaenkrat nešo neodvisno potrdili. He explains the South Bo Sicer presented at the International Conference of Strokovnjakov with the area that began in Tokyo in Hong Kong.

The MIT Technology Review, which has been published by the Hejevih ugotovitva, is a biased comment that "the technology is ethically controversial, which could change the generation of subordinate generations, and could easily have a knock on generic pools".

Professor of philosophy at Lowell University in the US State of Massachusetts, Nicholas Evans, is hungry to say that "the test of Youtube is a problematic issue of the learned practice". "The refusal is based on the examinations on which the most widely known, as is the examination of colleagues," he added.

"It is about the genesis of innovating the govorim of the govorim that he does not know the time," he said. "It is a revolutionary thing that the two slaves have been redefined to have been bruised," he said.

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