Saturday , July 31 2021

Lenar Counselors: The work of the sorting shop must be legal or closed

Leaders counselors require the immediate removal of all waste from the waste sorting facility at the Salamon plant, research and analysis of all plant-related events and fire, including working conditions and the legal operation of the sorting plant or its closure.

Lenten counselors require the immediate removal of all waste from the Salamon plant.PHOTO: POP TV

At the extraordinary meeting today, the senators found that after a review of the environmental permit and the established situation in the enterprise for both fires, the organized activity of the plant is detrimental to the environment, residents and employees.

Most criticize the environmental permit, which, according to the saints, is only paper and benefits for the company, but not for those who should protect them. They also find that an unbearable odor is spreading from the plant due to excessive amounts of decomposing waste.

Conclusions also require that all processed and untreated waste fractions be removed due to the danger of a new fire, a thorough and in-depth review of the impact of the latest fires on the environment, residents and employees, and analysis of all post-fire impacts, site and plant rehabilitation .

Lennar's Saints: Working conditions must also be checked

Respondents require that all residents and employees' safety procedures be dealt with and the consequences of fires, a review of the environmental permit procedure involving the municipality and civil society, and an amendment of legislation under an accelerated procedure to ensure that local communities can to participate in the process of issuing environmental permits. for all purposes.

Given the fact that municipalities are responsible for different areas under the Environmental Protection Act, among other things, they are holders of a public fire protection service if they are involved in licensing procedures, they state in the conclusions. They also called on the responsible services to thoroughly check working conditions, also from the point of view of health protection at work, as nearly 90% of disabled people are employed in the plant.

In the fire of the two fires there were 230 firefighters.PHOTO: POP TV

The findings, which are very similar to the findings of the Municipal Committee for Municipal and Economic Infrastructure, Environmental Protection and Spatial Planning, were unanimously approved by all 13 councilors present. They will be informed by the Prime Minister and the Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning.

The two interventions are expected to cost 83,000 euros

The materials were annexed to the Leonard fire and civil defense reports, the conclusions of the Committee on Municipal and Economic Infrastructure, Environmental Protection and Spatial Planning, a copy of environmental permits and two complaints from Lennart Municipality for their issue. The responses of the authorities and the company to the recent fire in the company of Solomon were also implemented.

When the senators were informed of the situation, firefighters reported that 230,000 firefighters were engaged with 230,000 firefighters and 760 tonnes of terrestrial plastic on the first fire and 60 to 80 tonnes of plastic waste on the other.

The police spokesman explained that the investigation of the causes of the fires continues as they continue to collect data and check the circumstances, and a representative of the National Institute of Public Health says the samples are still awaited as they last from a week to ten days.

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