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Live: Olympia, which was less than 15 minutes from the player, managed to reach #video


In the third round of First League, Telecom Slovenia is currently the first derby of the season that you can watch on Planet TV. Maribor hosts Olympia in Ludwigshafen. the first peak of the Slovenian football season. In the event of a victory, Maribor will score eight points. Bravo defeated Tabor Sejana from Ljubljana with 1: 0 and came out with historic points from the first round. On Saturday, Triglav defeated Rudar from Velenje 3: 2. We did not wait for the match between Celle and Aluminum on Friday.

Maribor: Olympia 0: 0 * (0: 0)

Half! No hit in the first part of the match, although Maribor has played with the player for 15 minutes. Olympia was a well-defeated champion, but she had a few more options. In the second part of the game it will surely be interesting.

47 minutes: Now take a shot Andrea Kotnik from a distance, however, flying a bit past Olympia's door.

45 minutes into the game: after penetration Dina Swatch on the right, to a shot in the penalty area came Martin Milech, but the Olympics defensive block collided. It was a great opportunity for Maribor.

VIDEO: Alex Peyer's Chance:

30 minutes: an opportunity for Maribor, came to the ball in the penalty area Aleks Pihler, but that did not prove to be the most. Natham the ball is easy to tamer.

27 minutes: expected replacement of Olympia. He had a coach after a red card Safet Hadzic reacts. He was "sacrificed" by Stefan Savic, who replaced him Mario Jurcevic.

25 minutes: now Olympia came from a distance. Tried Luka Menalo, but did not hit.

23 minutes: on the right side tried from a distance Dino Hotic, but this time was not precise enough.

Tribes of the National Garden after the exclusion of Vitaly Maksimenko:

VIDEO: opportunity Mark Putinchanin:

20 minutes: with the player less Olimpija came to the opportunity. It's a few meters with a gauge in the corner Marko Putinchaninbut the ball went wide.

VIDEO: Red card for Vitaly Maximenko:

15 minutes: red card for Vitaly Maksimenko after a crime Jasmin Mescanovic only 15 minutes from the game. In any case, this is a little controversial decision that has excited people in Ljubljana. Due to his complaint, he received a yellow card Luka Menalo,

VIDEO: Luca Melana Ability:

8 minutes: a great opportunity for Olympia. After the delivery of Eric Boakye came to the light Luka MenaloThe ball went straight through the door Kenan Piric at the door of Maribor.

6 minutes: Another shot of Maribor, this time, came from the edge of the end of the field Jasmin Mescanovicand Captain Olympia Natham he had no problems with his shot.

3 minutes into the game: the first shot in the game came to Maribor. He tried to go a long way Rudi Požeg Vancaš, but the goal was over.

STARTING! From the middle of the field, the Olympians started.

Olympia fans are not yet in Maribor:

This is a setting by which Safet Hadzic will take the derby in Maribor:

The first viewers have already begun to fill the stadiums in Maribor:

So the Garden of the National Garden seemed an hour and a half before the start of the match:

The starting eleven of Maribor are well known, in which he was the first player in the first league of Telekom Slovenia, Rudy Pojig Vankash for the first time in the original position. This is an enamel with whom Darko Milanic will take over Olympia:

Good evening, we come from Maribor, where the first landmark of the 2019/20 football season awaits us, the biggest and the only real Slovenian football derby that will run Maribor and Olympia. The first to defend the title has only one point in two matches and is at the bottom of the rock. The other is a 100% winner, but today there is an opportunity to leave the eternal competitor at eight points of difference.

That day passes in the face of eternal rivals. Maribor, who for the first time lost to Triglav in the first two rounds, and then only repaired with Rudar, hosts the Olympics, which defeated Bravo and Domezale in the first two rounds. If the residents of Ljubljana win, they will gain a high score of eight points before the eternal match from Maribor and will make sure that the alarm in Ljubljanset is on.

For the two biggest Slovenian football rivals, the first derby of the season comes in the midst of challenging European trials. In the middle of the home match, AIK Stockholm, who defeated Swedish champion 2-1, will play in Sweden in the next round of Champions League qualifiers next week. On Thursday in the first round of qualifying for the champions of the league, Olympia achieved a favorable outcome, a 2: 2 draw in Turkey in Malatya. In the back game, the Turkish side will also move next week.

Bravo from Ljubljana was pleased with the first points for the first division in the history of the club.

Bravo from Ljubljana was pleased with the first points for the first division in the history of the club.
Photo: Grega Valancic / Sport

Historic victory Bravo, which Ganetz cared for

Bravo, after two losses in the first two rounds this time he hosted Tabor, with which he was still in the previous season during the second round. Ljubljana's fans, who played for the first time in the first league, were the best opponent from the first minute to the last minute but could not hit it until 61 minutes. Then, impressively this time, the glorious goalkeeper of Primorje Ariana Reneja win Ibrahim Mensa and took care of the first goal after returning to the first league of Slovenia.

Ibrahim Mensa "class =" article_related - image "data-size =" 95x95 "src ="


Ginger circuses that will go into the history of #video

Bravo, who also shaken the goal and goal in the first half, came to the historic first victory of the first legs, while the prizes remained at the three points they won in the previous round. The advantage of the residents of Ljubljana is also shown by the number of corners they had, of which 19, of which incredible 13 in the first half.

Triglav's footballers defeated Rudar with two goals from Luke Mikeyna and one David Tianic with 3: 2.

Triglav's footballers defeated Rudar with two goals from Luke Mikeyna and one David Tianic with 3: 2.
Photo: Žiga Zupan / Sportida

Exciting match in Crane, making Triglav happy

In the only Saturday game, Triglav came to a second victory while Rudar suffered the first defeat this season. Triglav has two goals Luca Majcen came to lead by 2: 0, while in the second goal of Krančani with a penalty, he is a guest-defender David Kashnik won a red card. Despite the number of weaknesses, the guests managed to make a move, they reached the level 2: 2. First hit the end of the first half Leon Chrnic, then 55 minutes into the match Milan Tučić,

Only 13 minutes later Velenje's players were left with only nine players on the court, with the exception of the other yellow card Zhiga Shkoflek and the Craneans, they were able to redeem so many numerical forces. For three points he took care of a real Eurovill Milan Tučićwho determined the winner in the 78th minute.

Big goal David Tianic, who decides the winner of the Crane: t

Jean Carnic "class =" article_related - image "data-size =" 95x95 "src ="


Only one was able to win into the sea of ​​evolutionists. Which?

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Start in Celle without hits

In the third round, the first caravan stopped first in Celle, but we did not see a hit. For Alumil and Celle this was the first time in the season. The closest goal was Kidrik's guests, but he was home keeper Method Jurhar always on the spot. However, at least until Sunday, the Kiddriffe took first place in the leaderboard.

Mura and Domjale also have to enter this round, but Premurcations have met the demand of Dojale, who also appears in Europe, awaiting the second round of qualifying for Europa League against Malmö next week (the first game ended with a draw 2) . : 2) to move the match at a later date. It had to be played on September 12th.

Derby National Gardens

Rock Cronauver "class =" article_related - image "data-size =" 95x95 "src ="


Not only Olympia, but Kronaveter will also miss Muro

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First League Telecom Slovenia, Round 3:


Best Shooters:

2 – Luka Bobitsinets (Mura), Senjad Brovos (Domžale), Aloshha Matko (Bravo), Assir Sulzic (Olympia), Giga Shkoflek (Rudar Velene), Luca Shtor (Aluminum) Mother (Trigger)

Match Matches:


Bravo: Tabor (photo: Grega Valančič / Sportida):


Triglav: Rudar (photo: Žiga Zupan / Sportida):


Rugby players:

Triangle: Rudar 3: 2

Celje: Aluminum 0: 0

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