Monday , June 14 2021

Live: Zajc after the first series just below the top, the Slovenes are 100%

In Sappor, there are ski jumps where the first of the two World Cup races takes place. After the first series, in third place, Timmy Zaitz, who is only behind the Norwegian Robert Johansson and the Japanese Ryjoi Kobajaši. The other four Slovenians managed to enter the finals.

Timmy Zaitz He landed in the first series with an excellent 140 meters, more than he jumped out of the Norwegian Robert JohanssonThe first series took place in an extremely variable wind, and immediately after the Zach spectacle, the jury reduced the excitement that happened after Joansson's appearance.

After the first series, he took 12th place Angie Seminic (129 m), Angie Lanishek is at the same distance 16. Domain Trans is 27th (125.5 meters). The last time he was trembling about the finals Jiga Yelar (107.5 meters), and then broken by the Germans Karl Geiger, which landed only 107.5 meters. Jelar plays for the first time in the World Cup and will now score points.

On Sunday, according to schedule, another game follows. By 1:00 am there will be qualifications and an hour later a new bribe of 50 people.

Sapporo, Match 2, Series:

According to the first series:

Sapporo, by:

Friday, January 25th
11.00 Qualification

Saturday, January 26
7.00 trial series
8.00 Individual Match

Sunday, January 27th
1.00 Qualifiers
2.00 individual game

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