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Ljubljana: A young man who was otherwise healthy, died of flu

More than 750 patients have been hospitalized at the UKC in Ljubljana this year, and 29 of them have died of influenza complications.

The flu epidemic is at its peak in Slovenia. In UKC Ljubljana, where there is a total ban on visits, more hospitalizations are reported this year due to flu-related complications. Elderly and chronic patients are most at risk, but this year's influenza strain also causes problems for younger people who were previously considered healthy.

This year, twenty-nine patients died of influenza complications. Unofficially, a 38-year-old man who was previously considered a healthy man was reported in 24 hours.

Deputy Chief of Clinic of Infectious Diseases and Treatment Conditions at Ljubljana Clinic Boyana Bejovic stresses that hospitalization can take several days to a few weeks for complications. The situation in the season of the year is similar to that of 2009. Bević says that vaccination makes sense until the end of the epidemic, until the virus is circulating.



With us due to the flu of 29 dead

Stay home!

If you get sick, stay in bed. If your condition does not improve within a few days, you should order your doctor for a phone review and clearly state that you suspect flu. Your nurse will tell you on the phone when it comes to keep your contacts in the waiting room with others as healthy as possible.

Avoid places where there are many people. The dress should be warm and drink plenty of fluids. During the infection, it is best not to take or visit. Every room should be ventilated. An important diet is also rich in vegetables. Otherwise, go for a walk in the air.


Flu: See where the chart has already been placed

How do we know if we have a cold or a flu?

Colds usually start with sore throat. Difficulty swallowing is followed by other signs: runny nose, sneezing, hoarseness and dry cough. The cold usually ends in a week. Sometimes it lasts for up to 2 weeks, and for mild infections only 2 to 3 days. All together, for a few days, they are accompanied by a slightly elevated temperature (37.5) and a bad feeling.

Flu is a serious illness from the cold. This is a highly contagious and frequent respiratory infection. It is usually accompanied by fever, chills, dry cough, headache, muscle and joint pain and fatigue. In the case of flu, our well-being suddenly worsens. The sore throat is accompanied by a high temperature of 39 and even 40 degrees.

Heart attack


Influenza: One week after infection, the highest risk is heart attack

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