Monday , October 3 2022

Lydia Glavina left the Supervisory Board of Telecom Slovenia


According to Finance, the agreement to withdraw from the Supervisory Board of Telecom was concluded when Lydia Glavina resigned from SDH headquarters. Photo: Bobo

Lydia Glavina, who had a four-year term of supervising at Telecom Slovenia at the end of April 2017, remains in the Supervisory Board of the company's general meeting. As the company said in a press release posted on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange website, it decides for personal reasons for resignation, while Finance reports that such an agreement was concluded when he resigned from SDH's headquarters.

In addition to replacing Glavino, the Telekom Slovenia General Assembly will have to find another substitute Lubomir Raisicwho also resigned for personal reasons several days ago. At the same time, the financial statements report that the general meeting expected at the end of August does not exclude the new changes in the supervisory board that were appointed during the government's term. Mira Cserar,

In addition to Glavina, the capital of the Supervisory Board of Telecom Slovenia is also presented Bernarda Babic, Dimitrie Marjanovic, Barbara Kürner Chad and Barbara Goryupand employees are represented Drago Kyivchanin, Dusan Pishek and Yana Zhizek Cuhar,

Although the Supervisory Board has not yet appointed a new chairman of Telekom Slovenia's Management Board after being appointed Rudolf Skobbe in mid-April decided to terminate his term earlier. The company directs the company to the appointment of a new Chairman of the Management Board Tomaz Seljak, under the Deputy Chair of the SCOBET Management Board.

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