Wednesday , September 28 2022

Make her a birthday


Ecologist, TV, dancer, singer and currently a student in tourism Bindy Irwin is engaged! At age 21, he co-founded a colleague and partner Chandler Powell – other than in the zoo.
The daughter of a famous crocodile hunter Steva Irwinwho died thirteen years after the fatal encounter with the seagull while recording the deadliest ocean, shared his fate in love with the media and social networks, and Chandler's move is no doubt more romantic as he chose the best for his birthday .

In 2013, they met and soon fell in love.

They have been together for six years.

"We fell in love six years ago and I'm sure we'll be together for the rest of the day. He is my best friend and the love of my life. Every day, with him, it's an adventure and pure happiness, "says Bindy, who celebrates her birthday on her birthday at the Australian Zoo, and celebrates the celebration of photographers who, of course, are also immortalized; in front of Bindy's mother Terry and the younger brother, who is very excited about choosing her daughter, and last but not least, Chandler fits perfectly into a wild family because he is a really young man from the jungle.

She threw it in alligators

Bindy and the year-old Chendler met in 2013 when the American took part in the Queensland water championship, and on a weekend he visited the famous Berwah Zoo, which for decades had been owned by Irwin Irwin and where tours were held that day. she was right – Bindy. "She liked it right away," recalls Chandler, who began to visit the country regularly there, then left Florida's home, at the same zoo, and waited for the splash to come.

The American is an equal member of the extended family of Irwin and is also accepted by the animals.

Chandler has dropped out of his career and works at the zoo in Queensland.

With Bindy, who celebrates in America in the American version of the show, the stars are dancing, have many things in common, both are great animal lovers, fearless athletes, enthusiastic divers and explorer in the heart. The fact that Chandler is the right choice for her will be confirmed by the deceased Steve, but instead he gave the couple the blessing of another man in the family, Bindi's younger brother. RobertThey were also accepted by other key members of the expanded Irwin family, of course, animals that, of course, adore it. By the way, the fleet and the bold Bindy were selected as he went to work, he had many trials: he had to feed alligators on the first day, but he did so well to win her heart right away.

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