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Marcelo: I had to "lie" –

Madrid Real, a three-time European Serie A champion, has recently significantly increased its level, reflecting a good series of positive results in Spain's domestic championship. One of those who have survived a lot in the royal knit is Marcelo, the left-wing defender. The latter admits that it is still very difficult to talk about some deviations from Santiago Bernabeu.

An interesting conversation with a Brazilian Esporte Interativois the shiny left defender of the "galactic" Marcelo opened the soul of a journalist Tatiana Muntovani, which, with some questions, has been "grown in the nest" several times, but without the negative reaction of the player.

The 31-year-old indispensable member of Real Madrid toured the departure of a great friend Cristiana Ronalda, praised the persistence of the coach Santiago Solar and at the same time remembers the golden era after legendary leadership Zinidina Zidana, The departure of Zinedine Zidane happened strangely. For all of us this move was a terrible shock because we were convinced of a general continuation of the road we had. Not only as a former top player but also as a coach, he learns from such an expert as Carlo Ancelottihe learned the knowledge and improved everything to his perfection in a perfect way. He always knew me very secure, even when many (not) rightly criticized me, he remained consistent and protected me, which I will never forget. Zidane is a unique personality, said his 31-year-old national coach, who, as he said in the sequel to the interview, said he did everything on his own.

Marcello and Cristiano Ronaldo played a special friendly match during the Real Madrid game.PHOTO: AP

Solaris is a different profile of the trainer
"Whatever he asked me, I did not have difficulty doing it, I fought to the limit of performance, played several times wounded but without a bad conscience or with great satisfaction, and others were ready to" die "in the greenery because he he went so quietly through the back door. Marcello added excellent cooperation with the famous Frenchman.

The new strategist Santiago Solari is a different coaching profile. "Each expert has his own idea, a plan to get from the existing gaming team as much as possible, he has a right attitude, he is very direct in the communication … We both know our roles in the team and that's all."

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Earlier he knew that Ronaldo would leave
The most interesting part of the conversation was undoubtedly Marcel's recognition that the same journalists before the end of last season, namely the week before the big Champions League finals in Kiev, adapted the question of the possible departure of Ronald from the Spanish capital.

"I had to lie to you." The day before the Liverpool final, Cristiano came to me and told me he was leaving for Juventus, first thinking he was joking with me, but quickly realized he had completed his mission in Madrid. it's still bad today, but it's football, an integral part of the lives of the best athletes. On the other hand, I'm happy about it because it's perfect in Turin. Marcello said, still visible in the white shirt.

Marcello won everything in the royal club.PHOTO: AP

If one day the president (Florentino Pérez, op.A) says that I have finished playing in Real, he will easily accept this, I will be very sorry, but I will go further, he gave me everything in my life, the greatest satisfaction, I won everything that was conquered, but I'm sure I will not be forgiven so much " ended the in-defensive defender on the left-hand side of the Reales and Brazil's chosen turn.

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