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Megan takes enemies, so she'll have a mentor


The Duchess of Sussex has been a member of the British royal family for a good year, but Queen Elizabeth II. considers that, in the meantime, she has not yet adapted well enough to royal life, the habits and challenges that accompany her. She has decided it will be so Megan best if you had a mentor, someone from a family who had similar problems as her, and said she felt most appropriate Sophie, the wife of her youngest son Edward, Sophie also has no blue blood, she had to quit her job when she married the prince, and she, like Megan and rob, strives for the baby to be as normal as possible and to grow far from the public eye.

"The Queen likes the idea of ​​Sophie being Megan's unofficial mentor, as she is often in Windsor where her children ride the Queen's horses and play in the gardens. Women also understand each other perfectly, although they do not socialize often, and the queen thinks they have and want a similar life for themselves and their family, ”said a source close to the kings.

Kings don't act like celebrities. It's cheap, vulgar and irresponsible.

REUTERS Campbell thinks Megan should stop acting like a superstar.

The fact that Megan, who was still attending behavior courses and royal etiquette before marrying Harry, still needed help, became clear to the Queen when she saw that criticism had not stopped at the expense of the new Duchess. "When she and Harry got married, everyone was excited about her. It was as fresh a wind as they liked to describe it, but they didn't like the traditional Brits because they didn't want to obey the tradition and slowly but steadily that love faded. and Sussex's recent bizarre decisions make it even worse, "said a court expert.

Lady Colin Campbell doesn't like Megan's behavior. PHOTOS: Gulliver / getty Images

One of Megan's recent decisions to participate in the June issue of Vogue proved to be particularly unfortunate. Many described the collaboration as non-royal and reiterated that Megan behaved too much as a celebrity and too little as a member of the royal family. She was the sharpest lady Colin Campbellwho was once the confidant of the princess Dayan, she also wrote many books about kings. "She has never been one of the most successful and highest paid actresses and should stop acting as if she were. Kings don't act like celebrities. It's cheap, vulgar and irresponsible, "Campbell said mercilessly, adding that Megan only picks enemies and that those who admire her will soon turn against her if she doesn't adjust to her role and title.

Even Sophie and Edward live as far away from the media as Megan and Harry would like.

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