Thursday , June 17 2021

Men in Crane urge children to be taken off. They go with him


Police in Cran discussed two examples of child prostitution. First, a man, about 25, asked the child to be shot down and a little later asked two children if they were with him. Children report their parents' actions and inform the police.

On Friday, Criminal Criminal Investigators from Cran discussed two cases of child prostitution in a public place without consequences.

At 13.30 an unknown man turned to Župančičeva Street toward the center of the children's place to remove it, but he ignored him. In the second case, it is likely that the same person will speak at two o'clock at 15 o'clock on the Ruchigueva route if he goes with him. Children report the actions of parents who have informed the police of the events. She said children were not at risk, and notices were still being collected.

The man is about 25 years old, up to 180 cm tall, with dry hair, short black hair. He wears a jacket with a hooded hood, with a blue backpack.

Kran officers have warned that children should not engage in conversation with strangers, but they should be immediately alerted of the danger and removed from them. another adult nearby or a secure facility that, in addition to the official institutions, can also be a shop, a restaurant, and so on.

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