Wednesday , August 10 2022

"Michael struggles but does not communicate any more like before"


Health condition Michael Schumacher remains strictly hidden from the eyes of the public. Rarely there are details of his recovery after a serious catastrophe that he experienced in December 2013 on skis.

After the accident, the legendary Formula One driver had to be six months in an induced coma, and his family sometimes informed the public of his health. Today, the situation is the same because almost nothing is known. The only one to inform people of the German racer is former Ferrari driver and ex-chief Ferrari Jean Todd, one of the few who has the right to visit Schumacher. "Of course, our friendship will not be the same as it was. We can no longer communicate as much as before, "said Todd, who admits that Michael is very good for him. He lives with his family in the house between Geneva and Lausanne and fights as close friends. I think his visits help him with positive thoughts, the Frenchman told the media.

Former World Champion of Formula 1 was in a coma for several months, then moved from hospital care to his home away from the public eye. His wife does not want to disclose health information, and often follows the news that borders the sensation with no shadow of truth. The information that appeared at the end of 2018 still gives hope that it will recover.

They looked at formula 1

In the large villa in the cradle Glade, his treatment costs about $ 50,000. There is a special rescue service in the house and doctors who take care of it every day, Daily Mail notes, however, that it is not attached to the bed and that it does not flow through the tubes.
Jean Todd once said they were looking at the Formula One team together. "I'm always cautious about all the statements, but that's true." I watched this game with Michael at his home in Switzerland.

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