Wednesday , September 28 2022

MILANICH decided! TOLE is the first 11 of Maribor to compete with VALUES!


Maribor's first player for the match against the Icelandic champion is famous.

In the opening of the Champions League qualifiers, Violettes visit Iceland against Valur. Coach Darko Milanic will be sent to the match at the beginning of the match by the following team: Piric, Milic, Ivkovic, Pericic, Willer, Verkhovetz, Kreutu, Hotych, Kotnik, Kronavetter, Tavares.

On the bench, the match will be accompanied by: Handanovich, Raichevich, Kolmanic, Pigler, Kramaric, Pojega Vancash, Meshanovic.

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