Wednesday , September 28 2022

Minister Shebeer Occlusion lit a green light


Health Minister Aleš Shabéder met with Janez Polkakar, who was elected by the Council of the University Clinical Center Ljubljana as a new Director General. After the meeting, the Minister signed an agreement to appoint the Occupation to the head of the CCM and discussed open issues, challenges and priorities.

Ljubljana Clinic Center is on the take off Alesha Shaberera turned to the health sector seeking new leadership. Since then, the institute has been working temporarily Theodore Jepic, otherwise the business director of the pediatric clinic and the University Clinical Center Council (UKC) chose the best candidate among leadership leaders Janez Occlusal,

After today's meeting, Minister Shabender signed a consensus on the appointment of the Occupy, headed by KKK Ljubljana. Shabeder, who led the ministry's ministry in March this year, ruled the largest health institution in the country, decided that the board of the institute had decided to choose Occupyard for the new UKC Ljubljana's first husband. "His program also reflects the actual state or priorities that are in the clinical center,said the minister, who therefore believes that the new director will have the support of the employees.

He himself has promised to Polkakar today that he will always have the support and support of the ministry.we know that in the past it is not common"As Shabender points out, you need to have the Line Ministry's support as the director of the Clinical Center, otherwise it is very difficult to make changes, and he also promised that he would have absolutely free recruitment time to pursue only for professional purposes, and will not have any political staff.

Occlusist has already had experience in managing the health care institution. For five years he ran the autumn hospital, which he pulled out of the red numbers and from the rehabilitation. His work is also satisfied with the chairman of the Council of the Autumn Hospital Dushan Krinik, which he describes as a good associate, expert and dreamer.

The four-year term of the UKC head will be Poklukar on August 1. After meeting with Sabbed, he said he was happy to receive the ministry's support after the Institute's support. "I am aware, however, that this responsibility has placed great responsibility not only on UKC Ljubljana but also on an important part of Slovenian healthcare"His desire is in the first days along with the profession to continue his work and rehabilitation, which last year was already introduced and led by the current minister.

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