Sunday , June 13 2021

Mišič is not rightly considered as a chairman of Luke

Koper – Gašpar Gašpar Mišič is five years after the reshuffle with Luke Koper's function of waiting for the conclusion that the letter of the Court has rejected the revision of Luke's case against the first and second sentences. 'The Court of First Instance has the power to adjudicate and to rule that the other party has failed to comply with the judgment in the case before the President of the Court of First Instance, in order to preserve the jurisdiction of the other Member State and to ensure that it has not been exercised indefinitely.

Danes bi morali na dlážku v okresu sodišču začať spravedlivo v novom postupe, v ktorom Mišič spojil všetky očika na račun dvoch najdôležitejších odôvodnení svojej funkcie a to 757.000 eur odškodniny, ktoré je rozlíka med plávek a nagradách, ktoré boli prekonané až do konca the mandate of the chairman is to prepare Luke and the placards he has been taking during the first and second rounds (Marjetico Koper was led by the former Gasspar Naložbe). Današnjo razpravo brukali, sej se določeni člena nadorzega světa Luke priglasili stransko intervenienco. Thus, the Court has already ruled that the Court of First Instance ruled that the Court of First Instance Darja Srabotič.

Mišič is the chairman of the Luke set up on Sept. 7, 2013, supervising the world under water Alenke Žnidaršič Kranjc and was scheduled to be held on 11 April 2014. The Nadzorniki wrote in the cell about the fact that Mišić's mandate ended with a vote on the President's side. "For that reason, they decided to take the lead in the course of the day , in the light of the right of the right to pre-trial and post-conflict conflicts with the members of the judiciary, in the light of the decision of the President to adapt to the situation in which the responsibility of the other Member State to ensure the safety and security of the police officers in Mišičevo the conduct of the mission of Luke and njene uprave.

The Board of Appeal is satisfied by the first and second judgments and by the fact that the action does not constitute an impediment to the presiding judge to remedy the inappropriateness of his service.

Da Luka Koper did not want to see her in the process of its revision, it has been proved by the judges of December 2017 that it was in the light of the ruling of the court that Mišič had decided that the president would be ready to do so. In so ga sweat vdrugo judged. We are now a professor Miha Juhart from the Institute for Primarily Law at the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana, this has been ruled out "in the light of the pre-eminent number of men who are likely to be economically displaced".

"It is not yet the case that I have doubted the operation in a certain way and that the reasoning behind the other judgments was that we were able to say that they knew that the point was so maneuvered, Dear Matića. The argument is not surprising that it was clear that in the phrase Matićeve razrešitve was no longer the raison d'être for my reasoning, "said Mišič, who said that they had been prepared to abduct Luko, vendar uprava tega ni sprejela. The wall had to be wallowed, so that Luka would have to go over to the constitutional court: "They hurt the name that you blame Luko. Alenka Žnidaršič Kranjc has only enough money to give her the chance to say yes and to see that it has been made clear to me in terms of material and material damage, "said Mišič.

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