Prince robbery and Megan Markel They have a new home: Frogmore Cottage.

The inhabitants of the Soussec district – in particular British court officials, employees and those who enjoy the benefit of the royal family – have been instructed by some of Soussec's staff on how to behave and how to behave. According to British media, Duke and Duchess know nothing about it. As they wrote that because of their privacy requirements, their staff members began to know what they would have guessed.

Neighbors should not be allowed to spend steam or question their son Archieju. There are also undesirable suggestions for potential caregivers and raising their dogs. Let's recall: Two of us last year went to the black Labrador to work with Beagle Guy, but they did not want to reveal his name.

The British media are still writing that protocol neighbors should be informed in February – two months before moving to their new home or three months before the birth of their son.