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New Renault TWINGO: More Fun and Improved than ever – Messages

The updated Twingo is more sophisticated, equally fun and agile, upgraded and has a changed look! It offers new opportunities for personal and personal tasting from inside and outside. With the new ecosystem, the Renault EASY CONNECT also has the latest connectivity options. The new Twingo comes with three gasoline engine propulsion units.

Thanks to the rear-wheel drive design, the twingo twist-round with a radius is only 4.30 meters, the smallest on the market. Thanks to its compact dimensions (length 3.61 m) it is flexible in the noise of the city, and the pocket is sufficient for parking.

The precision and safety of the safety-inspired chassis of the updated Twingo offers a dynamic journey. The new SCe 75 engine delivers the best ratio between driving pleasure and fuel economy. The TCe 95, which is also available with an EDC dual-clutch automatic transmission, which is a unique offer in this segment, allows a vital escape from the urban environment.

As a core of the EASY CONNECT ecosystem in the upgraded Twingo, two multimedia devices have been installed: R & G and EASY LINK. In connection with the Apple or Android smartphone, these devices let you use the most popular services like Waze or Google Maps for navigation and Deezer, Spotify or Apple Music to listen to music.

Combining the body colors (including the new yellow and quartz white mango colors), the interior and exterior color packages, the stickers and the six types of wheels available, hundreds of versions of Twingo can be made.

With five doors and a fully foldable passenger seat, Twingo offers a space of 2.31 meters in length to carry larger pieces, which is a record that can also be provided by high-end models. The driver will appreciate the new center console and the more ergonomic mechanism for opening the front and rear tailgate.

The recently refurbished Twingo protects its passengers with programmable crushed zones around the safety cage, four airbags and safety belt with filters. Electronic driving aids include a roll-over warning and noise assistance.

The updated Twingo is more sophisticated and sophisticated, but at the same time it maintains a fun and original character.

The fully lacquered front bumper has more pronounced movements, the varnished surface is bigger and the headlamps are built in daylight with light-emitting diode lights. The graphical image of the mask contributes to the impression of a larger vehicle that is especially reinforced by the side air gap . The richest package includes chrome accessories that give the car a more noble look.

Renault's typical light output comes with headlamps in which the outer edge includes a series of C-shaped LEDs that serve daytime running lights and torches. This technology is unique in the segment of small urban cars and contributes to the recognizable, modern and chic image of the revamped Twingo.

The rear bumper is redesigned and decorated with decorative labels. The Type C seal is also mounted in the rear lights. By fitting a more comfortable handle, the rear door can now be unlocked and opened with one grip.

The shape has a decisive influence on the aerodynamic properties of the vehicle. The side blades in the front bumper point the air towards the mudguard. A 10 mm less distance from the floor and the rear of the chassis also reduces the air resistance. The air intake slider on the side that already has all versions improves engine cooling and gives Twingu a more categorical look.

"The Twingo III is now very valuable, so we focused on improving the quality of the perception and the upgrading of certain features." With the more threaded form of the bumper, a horizontal motif and new lights with a built-in C-type seal, we have obviously reduced center of gravity of the car and increased the impression of its width. "- Mario Polla, Project Manager

I have new colors
The fruity and intense mango yellow color highlights the entertaining and unusual character of the refreshed Twingo. Kernel white is a pearl color with a noble chic note that gives Twing even more elegance. The other six refreshing body colors: starry black, blazing red, moon gray, crystal white, pistachio green and pastel blue.

The refreshed Twingo emits elegance with LEDs that are already standard in all versions. The second package shows the serial exterior door handles and exterior mirror boxes in the body color.

The richest package includes many sophisticated elements:
– chromed ornament of the mask,
– body side protective panels,
– Chrome-plated upholstery and rear bumper trim,
– side labels with three outlines,
– medium columns with a glossy black surface,
– 15-inch casts and Argos brushes or Venetian wheels.

The updated Twingo can add new customization options to its appearance.
– Color package: mask border, exterior mirror hulls, side guard rails, and rear bumper bluish white, lush red or mango yellow.
– Tricolore, Dots, and Cosmic side stickers, white or black.
– 16-inch alloy wheels and wheels Juvaquatra, or the new 16-inch Monega.

Welcome to the updated Twing! The spacious and fancy designed passenger compartment is enriched with new features and personalized options for personal wishes.

The refurbished Twingo has a well-functioning and more functional center console with an adjustable handle that can hold glasses or a glass of drink or smartphone. For better accessibility, the center console also has two USB sockets and one jack, Stop & Start button controls and a speed limiter and speed limiter. The new collection of more modern gear lever heads also adds fresh feel to the body. The glove box is closed in all versions,
the shelf behind it is redesigned and reinforced. All these improvements in the updated Twingo provide better quality perception.

The extensive and functional passenger compartment can be further customized by the second set of equipment by selecting Dark or Light color combinations. This version also has a manual air conditioner and radio receiver that is compatible with the flexible R & Go smartphone application.

The newest multimedia EASY LINK 7-inch display and exclusive upholstery add to the richest equipment package. The panel has white lacquered decorative borders, and the armrests on the door have better comfort and greater sophistication of the seam with decorative stitches. As far as the exterior is concerned, the color packages (black, red and yellow) are also available for the interior, which means a change in the color of the instrument panel boundaries, ventilation holes, gear shift lever and steering wheel inserts. Decorative seams
they may also slightly reflect the selected color.

Since Renault believes in the simplification of vehicle use thanks to its connectivity to vehicles, the Renault EASY CONNECT code is gradually being introduced into all its vehicles. This ecosystem is interconnected services using new technologies. They are developed within the Alliance and its partners and are accessible through mobile applications and multimedia systems.

This new device is based on a 7-inch high-resolution touch screen tablet featuring ease of use and ergonomics. Its user interface works smoothly, and the available shortcuts reduce the number of clicks needed to switch between features.

With the serial features of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, new device screens can be used to mimic the user's smartphone. Access to compatible applications such as navigation or listening to music is easy and secure. Handsfree talking makes it easier to enhance audio, while the dual microphone lets you filter out the surrounding environment and play voice. The sound reproduction is also improved thanks to the installation of two additional tweeters.

In the future, Renault EASY CONNECT will be enriched with innovative features for the best user experience.
– The integrated navigation that will be handled by TomTom will be introduced and will be enriched with the Google Places database for easier and more efficient search of the route's goals.
– Over The Air updates will allow users to easily update their applications and services to their smartphones.
– Introducing the MY Renault smartphone app to link to Renault's car and authorized dealers, remote route management, vehicle search, and other services that will facilitate everyday use.

The free R & Go smartphone with iOS or Android turns into a user-friendly multimedia device that allows for safe driving. Adjustable display and for use while driving, optimized ergonomics allows you to access different application environments.
– Navigation: a choice of the latest services like Waze (now fully integrated into R & Go), Google Maps and Apple plans.
– Music: FM radio, streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music.
– Phone: Intuitive dialing and voice reading of received text messages.
– Vehicle: Integrated car computer, speedometer and control parameters for the Renault eco2 function.

Twenty three-phase gasoline drives are available for the updated Twingo: SCe 75, TCe 95 and TCe 95 EDC. These drive units meet 6D environmental standards and boast the latest technology, including Stop & Start and the Upgrading Maintenance System.

The new SCe 75 petrol engine is stronger than its predecessor and comes with driving pleasure, which is perfect for driving around the city. The maximum torque of 92 Nm ensures that the new TWINGO is particularly suitable for driving in the urban environment. In addition to driving pleasure, it has limited fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. This engine is available in combination with a five-speed manual transmission.

With the same gearbox or six-speed automatic EDC – the latter is unique in this segment – it is possible to obtain a TCe 95 engine with a maximum torque of 135 Nm. The turbocharger allows for greater responsiveness and better acceleration at low speeds, thus emphasizing the sense of sport both in the city and in the open road. This engine has a new exhaust system and a variable volume compressor that reduces consumption.

"Driving with the new SCe 75 is fully customizable for the upgraded Twingo, it's just as fun as it is convenient. It is even more versatile with this new, quieter, more flexible and lighter engine. the twin clutch and its capabilities can get the best out of the way. The move is very smooth, which guarantees a very pleasant trip. "- Vincent Terayall – Director of the drive mechanism segment

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