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New Sony RX100 – Mark VII


Posted: 27.7.2019 10:00 | Topics: Sony

Sony re-introduced the upgraded version of its superb compact RX100 camera.

The RX100 was almost revolutionary in 2012 as it brought in a small pocket format a lot of features that have so far been reserved for "full frames" without flashing cameras such as the Sony A9. It then (almost) introduces a slightly upgraded version every year, while older versions remain on the market. This is the case today when we can find stores that sell for 300 euros for the first RX100, while the current Mark VI model costs 1100 euros. Mark VII will also behave at such a price.

The RX 100 Mark VII has an improved unipolar sensor and a 24-200mm f / 2.8-f / 4.5 lens. The image processor is updated – Bionz X is much faster at sharpening and sequencing. It's capable of taking pictures at 20 frames per second, making 7 consecutive shots at 90 frames per second. It takes 20 milliseconds for the focus.

Today you can we find storeswho sold the first RX100 for 300 euros, while the current Mark VI currently costs 1,100 euros. Mark VII will also behave at such a price.

Progress has been made in video mode, where recording in 4K HDR mode also allows instant tracking of objects. Stabilization during recording also needs to be improved.

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