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Nibali shortened the penultimate stage, the 22-year-old Colombian #video tour


Dirche's big final in France ruined the time after the organizers had to break through the 19th stage as soon as the cyclists started to descend from the Iserian Pass because of the heavy rainfall due to the storm and forecast of new storms, 20th Stage. Instead of the initial 130 kilometers from Alberville to Val Torans, the cyclists have only reached 59.5 kilometers, the fastest Italian Vincenzo Nibali (Bahrain Merida). The yellow shirt was reserved by Colombian Egan Bernal (Inneos). A twenty-two-year-old biker is almost the winner of this year's race.

Today, cyclists have only faced the final, traveling more than 33 km to the famous Val Thorens ski center, which is 2365 meters above sea level. The start was in Olympic Alberobel at 345 meters above sea level. The real climb of the highest category started for the cyclists after about 26 kilometers of warming, and the first climbed to Vincenzo Nibali.

The yellow shirt was picked up by the 22-year-old Colombian Egan Bernal, who is actually the great winner of this year's French trophy and has to be safe safely brought to Paris tomorrow. Bernal will be the first Colombian to win on Sunday in the world's largest cycling competition.

Bernal still can not understand what he has done

"I still have to get to Paris, but this is just one more stage I have to finish, I have not yet understood what happened to me, I'm a little more relaxed today, but it will take me a few days to figure it out I could not really describe what I was doing today, I felt good, I had a healthy leg but I walked a mile in a mile I told everyone, "One less." I got it right when I saw the target and when Zerant Thomas gave me a hand "At that time I was aware that I won the race in France," said the young Colombian.

His teammates Thomas and Dutchman Stephen Kruiswick (Jumbo-Visma) will work in the footsteps of Paris.

Two hours before the start of today's shorter stage, it was questionable whether the riders would start today, then the time would be clear and the cyclists did not create any problems compared to the fifth stage. About 29 bikers were in the last start of the last alpine stadium. In the last 20 kilometers, five cyclists joined together, and 12 kilometers below the top Vincenzo Nibali (Bahrain-Merida) decided to stand alone. Despite the attacks from the background, the 34-year-old Italian ran into Tura to sixth hour in an hour and only 52 minutes.

Nibali the strongest

Nibali was ten seconds quicker than Spaniard Alejandro Valverde (Movistar), third was another Spaniard from Movistar team Mikel Landa, who fell 14 seconds behind the Messina shark. Bernal was fourth, Thomas Fifth, and Aalifilp scored more than two and a half minutes to finish the goal and slipped to fifth overall.

Nibali's teammate in Bahrain, Meridian, Slovenian Jan Trannik and Matthew Mochoric, Today were 96 and 142, Tratnik 92. (+ 2; 57: 37), Mohorič 119. (3; 33: 02).

Frenchman Romeo Barde (AG2R La Mondiale) will hold the tricycle of the best mountaineer, the title will be awarded to Peter Sagan (Bora-Hansgrohe) and Bernal will be crowned as the best young cyclist with the prestigious T-shirt.

"I suffered, the massacre seemed infinite"

"I was suffering, the slalom seemed endless, although the race was short, and when I was driving alone, it seemed to me that I was on a mountain stop," said Nibali, the main character of this year's Touro tour, a race he also won in 2014, the total number of stage wins increased to six. "I was tired of trying to compete with Giro, I tried to compete in the totals, but he blew up, the name was flying a lot of critics, I was thinking of resigning and I went home, but I insisted on this and I honored Dirkry after France" .

Vincenzo Niballi is the winner of the much-abridged 20th stage of the French Race.

Vincenzo Niballi is the winner of the much-abridged 20th stage of the French Race.
Photo: Reuters

Tomorrow the caravan waits only 128 miles from Ramboue to Paris, and in the French capital sprinters will pay for a prestigious stage victory in the Champs-Elysees. There is no traditional color for the overall victory at the final stage.

20th Stage Results:

1. Vincenzo Nibali (Ita / Bahrain-Merida) 1; 51: 53

2. Alejandro Valverde (Spain / MOVESTAR) + 0:10

3. Michel Landa (Spave / Movistar) 0:14

4. Egan Bernal (Col / Inneos) 0:17

5. Gheorghe Thomas (VBr / Ineos) 0:17

6. Rigobert Uranus (first EF / EF education) 0:23

7. Emmanuel Bühmann (Nem / Bora-Hansgrohe) 0:23

8. Steven Cruiseswick (High / Jumbo-Wismah) 0:25

9. Wouter Poels (Niz / Ineos) 0:30

10. Nairo Quintana (Col / Movistar) 0:30

96. Jan Tratnik (Slo / Bahrain-Merida) 15:52

142. Matthew Mochoric (Slo / Bahrain-Merida) 20:50

General Order:

1. Egan Bernal (Col / Inneos) 79:52:52

2. Gheorghe Thomas (VBr / Ineos) + 1:11

3. Steven Kruijswijk (Niz / Jumbo-Visma) 1:31

4. Emanuel Buhman (NEM / BORA-HANSGROE) 1:56

5. Julian Alafilip (Fra / Deceuninck-QuickStep) 3:45

6. Michel Landa (Spave / Movistar) 4:23

7. Rigoberto Uranus (EF / EF Education First) 5:15

8. Nairo Quintana (Kol / Movistar) 5:30

9. Alejandro Valverde (Spave / Movistar) 6:12

10. Warren Bargill (Fra / Arkea Samsic) 7:32

92. Jan Tratnik (Slo / Bahrain-Merida) 2; 57: 37

119. Matthew Moorich (Slo / Bahrain-Merida) 3; 33: 02

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Time continues to shape the fate of the race across France: the 20th stage is shortened

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20th Stage Course:

Goal: Vincenzo Nibali celebrates a stage victory! Egan Bernal defended the yellow shirt.

16:23: Saber went to bed, Nibali approached for 35 seconds and relaxed. The yellow group for the Italian three kilometers before the top lags 43 seconds.

16:21: four kilometers before Nibali's goal to be pursued by Mark Sohler (Movistar), the group with Bernal for Italy lags 45 seconds.

Last kilometer stage:

TDF19 - 20th stage profile - last km

Photo: capture the screen

16:17: five kilometers ahead of the goal, the towers Sim Yeats, Soler and Bargill jumped out of the yellow group while Nairo Quintana was caught, the quadrangle overtaken Zakarina and chased the leading Nibali 29 seconds ahead. The yellow shirt for Nibali lags 33 seconds.

16:10: the lead Nibali left him only eight kilometers to finish the race, while Ilinur Zakarin (Katyusha) drives 23 seconds behind him, while the favorite group around the Yellow Bernal is behind Italy for just a minute. The best of the best could not be followed by the white and dotted shirt holder Franco Gaudou and Barde. Alafillip also lost his time and already slipped to fifth overall.

16:00: 13 kilometers before the target most of the fugitives approached in less than a minute, the tempo in the foreground lifted Nibali and shrugged off the sailors. Now Sam was driving a minute before a band with a yellow shirt that was pulled down by Julian Alapilip, who summed up the fight for podiums.

15:50: Oscar Freyle joined the lead Peter, ten followers lagged for a minute and seven seconds, most of which was lost to Peter Sagan, the gap behind the leading six was reduced for a minute and 33 seconds. The goal at the top of the slope is 18 kilometers. Bernal and his fiercest rivals are watching each other.

15:30: biking groups are torn to a mighty slope, forever insisted on a Nibali peter, half a minute behind him there are dozens of trackers, and the majority of the Jumbo Visme riders' t-shirts drove the lead back to two minutes.

15:24: 28 miles ahead of the goal to lead five Perichon, Nibali, Galopin, Zacarin and Woods, 30 seconds behind them by 22 pursuers, Thomas de Gent slowed the pace, which is more than two minutes behind the lead and only 20 seconds ahead of the main.

15:10: the fugitives have already started climbing to Val Thorens (2365 m, 33.4 km, average slope 5.4%).

15:05: 39 kilometers to the destination, the pursuers captured the fugitives, now a group of 29 cyclists who have a good two-minute lead. The fugitives are Elia Viviani (Deceuninck-Quick Step), Tony Gallopin (AG2R-La Mondiale), Vincenzo Nibali and Dylan Teuns (Bahrain-Merida), Sébastien Reichenbach (Groupama-FDJ), Omar Frail, Mamargn Kurt and Gorka Izagre (Astana), Alberto Bettol and Michael Woods (EF Education First), Darryl Impey (Mitchellon-Scott), Joey Rosskopf (CCC), Rui Kosta and Vegard Stack Lagenen (United Teams of the UAE), Jasper Steven – Segafredo), Nicolas Roche (Sunweb), Pierre-Luc Périchon (Cofidis), Jens Keukeleire (Lotto-Soudal), Lilian Calmeane, Niccolo Bonifazio and Anthony Turgis (Total Direct Energie), Ilnur Zakarin and Nils Politt (Katusha-Alpecin) Frederick Baccarat and Hoey-Groupe Gobart, Stephen Cummings and Ben King (Dimension Data) and Maxim Bue (Arce-Samshich).

Today, the effects of today's storms have been removed on Toren's wave.

Today, the effects of today's storms have been removed on Toren's wave.
Photo: Reuters

14:50: Immediately after the start, attacks started and the main team escaped from the six. Diane Teuns (Bahrain-Merida), Kord Magnus (Astana), Rui Kosta (UAE Emirate Teams), Alberto Bethieol (first EF education), Kevin Van Melsen (Holly-Gruppe Gobert) and Lutheran Calmen (Total Direct Energie). At the 12-kilometer stage, the caravan is torn in three parts, the escape hatch, followed by a group of 23 pursuers 30 seconds back, the main one with all the shirts is a minute behind it.

14:30: Albertoil started the penultimate, 20th stage of this year's Dirk in France. The cyclists have only 59 kilometers from the route, including a 33.4 kilometers climb to Val Thorens.

tdf19 profile 20. stage

Photo: capture the screen

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