Wednesday , June 7 2023

Novakovo will be replaced by a 30-year-old former taxi driver


After the election of Lyudmila Novak and Milan Brzez in the European Parliament, they were replaced by two new members in the Slovenian Parliament. Nabakovo was replaced by former taxi driver Tadey Sutar. Instead of Brgles Dusan Verbic will meet in parliament, which both parties and the UDF have welcomed.

Dusan Verbich he was also a substitute for the then prime minister in his previous term Mira CserarBrzezzek's MP also praised the UDF deputy chairman Tomas Lisek, who said that the MEPs themselves did not share left and right, but those who defended their position and those who only defended a common paradigm.

Since Cerar has announced that it will not run the party in the autumn, many people seem to believe that SMC, with the arrival of Verbič, is richer for the right coalition opposition. "In many cases, I'm critical, especially to the executive, and sometimes to my colleagues," That's what Verbich said.

Meanwhile, the significantly less experienced vice president of youth of the party, a municipal councilor in Dojale, rather than a thirty-year-old biologist Tadeya ShushtarShutarjeva says that the Parliament will deal mainly with youth and their easier autonomy, and the lack of political experience will be replaced by the experience she has acquired as a sister of the seven siblings. "There were many different opinions in the family, so sometimes it was necessary to be able to adapt and adapt to others. – she said.

The leader of NSi is also convinced of his success Jozef Horvat, who told Sutar that he would soon come to the right "plants",

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