Monday , July 26 2021

NSi decides: Novakova will be the winner of the list, Peterle is only third

The leader of the list of New Slovenia (NSi) in the European Parliament elections will be Lyudmila Novak. In the secret election, the NSI executive board listed the following list: Lyudmila Novak, Josef Horvat, Lose Pittler, Iva Dimic, Moya Ervez and Katya Berk Bev, announced today party president Matthew Tonin via Twitter.

Tonin said he would add two civil society candidates to the list, but their names have not yet been revealed by the party. She mentions the former School Minister Jigo Turca,

By appointing the Executive Board of the holder Ludmillo Novak, finished the match between her and Lojze Peterlet, which will travel third from the list after three mandates for the European MEP.

Today, candidates for the election of Slovenian MEPs to the European Parliament, which will be held on 26 May, can now be represented. Candidates can be nominated by political parties and voters and can be nominated by April 26. The list can be as candidates as the Slovenian members, ie. eight.

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