Sunday , June 4 2023

On Slovenian roads there are several kilometers of congestion


Many tourists are on Slovenian roads this weekend as well. There are congestion on several sections between Austria and Croatia in both directions. The border crossing currently requires waiting at the border crossings of Sečovlje, Dragonja, Sočerga, Starod, Jelsana, Vinica, Metlika, Obrežje and Gruškovje.

border crossing, Metlika


Smaller border crossings with Croatia where you can avoid the hassle of #video




There is a 6-km stop on the highway in front of the Karavanke tunnel towards Austria, so use the Jesenice – East, Lipce exit to go to Kranjska Gora. Congestion is also on the Austrian side of the tunnel towards Slovenia.

On the Podravska highway between the Podlehnik junction and the Gruškovje border crossing, there is a 2-km delay towards Croatia.

On the Styrian motorway in front of the toll station Kompolje, there was a 3.5-kilometer delay in front of the work closure towards Ljubljana, and a 1-kilometer stop in the direction of Maribor. Detours for cars are possible along the parallel road between Blagovica and Lukovica.

The congestion is also located on the west and south bypasses of Ljubljana, traffic is also concentrated on the coastal highway on individual sections between Vrhnika and Razdrt.

There are also delays on the roads Lucija – Secovlje, Smarje – Dragonja, Podgrad – Starod, Dolenje pri Jelsane – Jelsane, Lesce – Bled and Pivka.

The waiting period is at the border crossing points Sečovlje, Dragonja, Brezovica near Gradin, Sočerga, Starod, Jelsana, Vinica, Metlika, Slovenska vas, Obrežje, Gruškovje and Zgornji Leskovec.

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