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People with bad insanity die earlier

As reported by the Michigan State researchers in an Annals of Internal Medicine study, the risk of death in test subjects with a worse seizure during the ten-year observation is 46% higher than the same old researchers who felt this excellent serve . After 13 years, the risk increased by 30%. Gender, race, lifestyle, and other factors have no significant impact on these results.

Scientists were tracked by 2289 people who were at the beginning of the study aged 71 to 82 years. In this way, they were surprised that for some participants with worse emotions the risk of death in ten years increased by as much as 62%, especially for those who were particularly good at the beginning of the investigation. There is no explanation for this, but as the findings of the Science Daily website show, this may be a sign of serious health problems.

What can easily be described as a coincidence is actually another sign that there is a connection between the sense of smell and general health, researchers say. Some research in the past has already dealt with the effects of easing the perception of the scent in old age. For example, scientists have already discovered that seizure may be an early symptom of Parkinson's disease and dementia and is associated with weight loss.

But with dementia and Parkinson's disease, only 22% of the increased risk of fatal fatal deaths can be explained by weight loss of 6%. Why more than 70% of other test people with a bad sensation die, but remain unexplained.

In this study, test subjects followed a longer period of time, giving scientists a more accurate view of the long-term consequences as well as indications of possible causes. "The worst may be an early sign of health deterioration before it can be diagnosed in a doctor's office," said epidemiologist Huntlee Chen, who participated in the study.

"This tells us that the worse smell of older people has a greater health impact than we have ever imagined," Chen added. Scientists intend to focus on these issues in further research, and Chen believes that including smell detection in routine medical examinations is probably a good idea.

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