Sunday , June 13 2021

Piccolo School Minister heard the petitioners about changes in education

The Minister of Education, Science and Sport, Yerne Picalo, received the petitioners for the necessary changes in education. The meeting discussed petitions and changes in the education system that will be prepared for the preparation of the new strategy paper on education. A white paper prepared at the ministry.

As she said after the meeting, the chairman of the Parenthood Society Natasha Shramthe answer was positive. According to her, the company does not deviate from the reduction of the scope of materials, the homework, the organization of national exams and the regulation of the legislation that regulates the rights of children with special needs at school. She said the company will participate in the debate, which will be organized by the ministry within a month, as a consultation between the various participants.

"We agreed that petitioners and the contents of the petition would be part of a wider debate on the White Paper, which will be organized for a month" "said Picallo. As announced, they will be attended by various civil society organizations, teachers, practitioners, experts, and the ministry will act primarily as a mediator between different perspectives. In this way, they intend to work in the first part of the preparation of a new strategic document that will serve as a basis for amending the legislation and introducing new approaches that have been discussed today. Picalo said they want to hear all stakeholders and make changes based on strategic considerations.

Minister Yernei Picallo received the petitioners for the necessary changes in education.PHOTO: Channel A.

So far, more than 21 000 people have signed the petition

The petition for changing the school system has been prepared by the Council of Parents in Society and has so far been signed by more than 21,000 people. According to Natasha Shram, president of the association, the petition was made after the finding that parents could not do much about the necessary improvements in the school system through parents' advice.

It proposes, among other things, reducing the scope of teaching materials and homework, reducing numerical and descriptive assessment, abolishing the National Knowledge Assessment or its transformation into t. I. competence tests and entrance exams for secondary schools, high schools and faculties.

Several legislative changes have been announced

At the end of January, Piccolo announced plans for major changes in the school system in the ministry. They prepare, among other things, amendments to the Kindergarten Act and offer a comprehensive discussion as to whether the curriculum is too demanding, or whether it is necessary to change the way in which subjects are assessed, whether a high school renovation is needed, and whether changes are needed in national knowledge tests. All this will be taken into account in the preparation of a new strategic document in the field of education that will be prepared by 2021, they said.

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