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Police are investigating why the AVP Director's car has been damaged

Before the post in Strazice near Crane, a damaged vehicle of the Traffic Safety Agency is parked, and its director Igor Velov uses it permanently. The police officers checked the circumstances for material damage and spoke to Velyv. He told them that an injury was old and the other – the police as an event, not as a road accident.

The Citroën C4 Citroën C4 car with Ljubljana registration laboratories, which was parked in front of the Strajice post at Kranj, has a damaged rear bumper and a front right wheel, so it does not work. It was noticed by the post office staff.

The Director of the Traffic Safety Agency (AVP) Igor Velov was not available for the phone or worked today, the question arises whether, as in the past, his friend, a former mayor's mayor Boshtyan Trilar – involved in car crash.

Igor Velov did not come to work today and his car was damaged and parked in front of the post in Strazice.PHOTO: Miro Muchchen

AVP said they did not have any information about the event. According to their explanation, Velov is on vacation today. They confirmed that the damaged vehicle is the property of the agency and in the permanent, both official and private use of the Director.

At the Kran Police Station, they responded to our question in the context of data protection, but confirmed that they were checking the circumstances of material damage in one of the vehicles around Crane. "The car is parked, locked and unguarded. The police have already spoken to the vehicle user. They investigated the occurrence of two injuries to the vehicle. In case of damage to the back of the vehicle, the current collected information on the old trauma is collected and tire damage (front) is expected to happen today. According to current circumstances, the fault of the tire is considered by the police to be an event and not a road accident. Police officers are still in charge of the process and collect notifications,they wrote.

As reported on the internet, the officer reported diary, Velo police officers are looking for more time today, but one of the reporters has come into contact with him when asking for a post on another topic related to the state council. In a long conversation, she only said she was in the doctor's office and was barely standing.

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