Tuesday , August 16 2022

Pop-TV replaced the favorite show-show


Apparently autumn will be a sign of television change.

First, pop-TV announced a new group of guitarists in the show, and the famous face has its own voice, and now the new TV person will also receive the broadcast of Slovenia! To the young entrepreneurs from the fourth season of the project Štartaj Slovenija will join the new host of the show on pop-TV, Maša Pavoković, which will replace the previous leader Matia Goliar,

A radio and TV presenter who replaces the camera in front of the camera behind the scenes of musical projects. Manager and communication strategy. A healthy woman who can light up stars and melt with world trends. This is to create and stubbornly maintain the direction. In the new season of the show, Štartaj, Slovenia! will introduce new products for young entrepreneurs and will bring them closer to viewers.

"Working on TV and even making a TV show, I'm introducing a new challenge every time, and I look forward to working with the co-creators of the show and the entrepreneurs who will be presenting their products in the new Start season in Slovenia! I am always happy to be able to choose what I do and when I'm flexible The schedule gives me freedom and creativity for all the plus and minus, and I am inspired by the young, their sincerity and the desire to learn I respect people who know what I'm doing they find positive things, they are not afraid of the challenges and they face problems because we can only grow that way. the new challenges are pleasing to Masha.

Masha Pavowicz | Author: Pop TV

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