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Protection against measles can be checked by a laboratory test

Protect against measles in the lab by checking for antibodies in the blood. Photo: Bobo

Acceptable evidence for measles protection is written evidence of vaccination with two doses of measles vaccine or a dossier of overgrown measles. If a person has been diagnosed with measles, this also applies to cases when he was born before 1960, he explained on the website national Institute of Public Health (NIJZ).

Protection against measles virus can also be demonstrated by a laboratory test to test the presence of specific antibodies. Their size indicates whether the person is protected from measles.

Testing is self-sufficient and can be done at the Institute of Microbiology and Immunology of the Medical Faculty in Ljubljana, for which 12 euros must be deducted, as well as in the branches of Ljubljana, Kariolan and Maribor national laboratory for health, environment and food. The cost of testing in them is about 21 euros.

On average, the Laboratory of Virology of Public Health in Ljubljana performs on average 120 tests, and 100 tests are conducted annually by the department of medical microbiology in Cran. At the Department of Microbiology in Maribor, 66 tests have been carried out this year, they said national laboratory.

The patient's skin after a three-day illness. Photo: CDC / Dr. Heinz Eyenwald

No vaccination, no medication

While there are no measles, there is only supportive treatment. The patient should rest and drink enough fluids to prevent dehydration. Antibiotics are only needed for bacterial complications from measles, such as middle ear infections, pneumonia. But before measles we can effectively prevent vaccination.

Vaccination of children, adolescents and pupils who are still under the age of 26, do it child pediatrician, school doctor or doctor in the ambulatory department for students at the cost of compulsory health insurance.

The adult vaccine dose costs $ 21

Adults can be vaccinated by prior consultation with their chosen physician or regional unit NIJZ onAdult vaccination is paid and costs € 21 per dose.

This is this week NIJZ confirmed the ninth example of measles this year, most people have been infected abroad. Nine cases of measles were confirmed last year in Slovenia throughout the year, and in the previous year – eight. The age of measles is about 93% in our country.

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