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Quality is the key to the success of the Huawei P30 lite


The smartphone is an indispensable tool for modern society. Quality is an important factor when deciding to buy a new one. Without high-quality products, it is not possible to build one's own brand, to develop new technologies, not to mention the competitiveness of the market.

Huawei P30

When we assess the quality of a smartphone, we often refer to an overall assessment that includes camera capacity, battery life, communication capabilities, the ability to launch mobile games, and more. Although fifth-generation mobile networks (5G) are not yet widely available, smartphone manufacturers have already expanded market competition through hardware as consumers understand the consumer experience that the smartphone is increasingly using as a "quality."

Among high-quality smartphones we can not ignore Huawei's Pua phones: how much Huawei means the quality can be seen on the P20. Although presented a year ago, they retained a leading position in terms of system and photographic capabilities, but also for better communication, performance and user experience.

Huawei P30

Huawei recently introduced the last representative of this year's P. P30 lite family is mainly due to the younger because of the affordable price, but the quality of the device is just as important as the capacities. It can not be compared to the P30 and especially the P30 Pro, but offers enviable photographic capabilities. Especially for the price class to which it belongs. The main camera has 48 megapixel resolution, complemented by an ultra-wide angle lens and an 8-megapixel sensor and a 2-megapixel camera that provides depth of image data. Because of the resolution of the main camera and 120 degrees of viewing angle of the other camera, there is no scene that can not be captured in its full width and wealth of detail.

Thanks to the narrow edges around the screen and the dwarf sections, the busty screen occupies 84.1% of the front surface of the P30 lite. However, inside the grooves there is a powerful 24-megapixel face-to-face camera for high-quality self portraits. Huawei also pays great attention to the color of the box – there are midnight black, pearl white and peacock blue – and uses them with the same surface treatment technology as in the other two models of the family characterized by shimmering shades.

In addition to the photographic capabilities and design elegance, young people (in the heart) have an important gaming experience or mobile gaming experience. The Huawei P30 lite also does not disappoint in this regard despite the fact that it does not provide the most advanced technical data. It has the latest version of Huawei GPU Turbo technology, which also plays a decent role in performance games, as shown by the results of some tests.

Huawei P30

Despite the fact that the P30 lite paper is less impressive than the P30 or P30 Pro, it easily performs everyday tasks. In mobile photography, however, it exceeds everything that competitors are capable of in the same price range. The optimized EMUI user interface and built-in AI provide a more effective user experience. Although the P30 lite is not a leading product of its family, the user still offers leading performance.

If your modern lifestyle is close to you, it means a lot of fashion and elegance, and you do not want to accept mediocrity, then the Huawei P30 lite is an ideal choice in its price range. This is not just a product with the surname "P", which is known for its elegance and superior performance among consumers, is a smartphone that will not disappoint in any way.

The announcement is Huawei Technologies Ljubljana d.o.o.

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