Wednesday , September 28 2022

Rayola apparently confirmed to the media, Juventus striker before the transfer – News


Moise Keane moves to Everton. (photo: official club website)

The Italian national team, which, due to its age and fierce competition, cannot rely on the right minutes at Juventus, is moving forward. Just before the official confirmation is his transfer to Everton.

A full set of Italian media reports that this is a violation Moaz Keane it will be completed within 48 hours just before the conversion. The reason for such consistent media coverage lies with the player's agent Raila's mine, who apparently disclosed the information to the media before the deal is officially confirmed.

Keane, who has already left training Juventus, will Everton standing EUR 30 million, there is an additional $ 10 million in game variable work and it will be played for three million euros a year. During the negotiations, Juventus insisted on a clause allowing the Italian champions to have an advantage for the player, but it is not known whether they succeeded in their intention.

Despite Keen's nineteen years, many stories are already circulating in the football world. He was a little troubled teenager, late for training and chose Maria Balotelli as her role model. He also released Euro 21, a criminal act, for indiscipline. The fact is, however, that Kian, who was the first player of the year to make his debut in one of the top five leagues, is an exceptional talent, as he proved last season.

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