Tuesday , June 15 2021

Refreshments and local inspectors took the kebab

MARIBOR – Inspectors of the Food Safety Agency visited the refreshment hall "Europe" at the Partizan Cesta, which is for in the evening confirm Sufi Pertainin from the refreshment room: "There were inspectors here, and they took the kebab that delivered us to the ALEBONS. From now on we do not have a kebab. "

The inspectors also removed Kebarab "Alebar" from seven cafes in Maribor.

This is Kebab by Alebon, who on February 11 drew up a list of recipients in which the inspectors ordered the download.

At a press conference Tuesday, the Food Safety Administration said the kebab in Slovenia was safe to eat.

The withdrawal of this kebab series was ordered by the Polish watch service, but this is a total of 11,975 kilobytes kebab, which is sent to 41 recipients in Slovenia and also in Croatia and Hungary. In the evening,

Animals treated immediately prior to slaughter

Although the Food Safety Authority has not yet received a notification from the Polish authorities about the reason for the prolonged withdrawal, Slovenian analyzes have shown the presence of ketoprofen in kebab samples by this supplier. It is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that decomposes within 24 hours of ingestion. This means that the animals were treated just before slaughter, which is prohibited.

The presence of salmonella has been confirmed

Inspectors of the Food Safety Administration are also on products imported into Slovenia from Alebon, confirming the presence of Salmonella. Conflict Kebab is the Polish company Efes Pol Fedai Simsek.

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