Monday , September 26 2022

SAJ NI RES, sorry! The Slovenian handball player withdrew from 20,000 euros


The newly appointed member of Velenites has a criminal record.

It's hard to believe, but that really happened. Grega Okleshchen signed a contract with the Slovenian handball giant on July 1 Gorenje from Voyage, but now there is information that he has a former member Крке кAspen's dossier. Last year he stepped on the criminal path …

According to the news portal, in the summer of 2018, when he worked as a student at New Place in a Savings Bank branch, he stole creditors from accounts 20,000 euros, The Court recognized him as guilty at the end of May and sentenced him to one year probation with a probationary period of two years.

By the way, so, hurts five people. For the first time on June 29, when he stole from client accounts, he stole every 800 euros each. Ten days later, the customer stole twice more than 2000 euros, but then returned them. The next day, he won 4100 euros from the client's savings account and another client stole another 10,000 euros on the same day. In less than two weeks, he stole five of his clients EUR 19 700, According to all retirees are.

This is a criminal prosecution Greg Olex accusing him of continuing a crime of misappropriation and unjustified use of foreign assets, and three criminal acts of forgery of documents that the 23-year-old committed by forgery of a client's payment certificate which had to be issued to him by a savings bank after payment . The certificate was signed without the client's knowledge and permission, after which the falsified document was submitted to the Savings Bank between the documentation.

oklescen jk

According to prosecution a proposal that is paid against the handball player in the New Court on 17 May this year, and the decision was filed on May 31, so it has not been 14 days since the prosecution was filed. This means that in his case it is probably a procedure in which the Prosecutor's Office proposes to the court to issue a decision on a punitive decree without even holding the main hearing.

Since July 1 there is Grega Okleshchen a contract with Gorenje from Velenje and one of five reinforcements, the club is shocking. Meanwhile, the player confessed to them that he did, what would be the answer of the leading men, should soon be known.

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