Wednesday , September 28 2022

Savings mitigation measures: Showers on coastal baths will work again


In the four municipalities of Slovenian Istria – Piran, Izola, Koper and Ankaran – two weeks ago, austerity measures were adopted to reduce drinking water consumption. Just a day after claims that despite the austerity measures in Koper that they are cleaning up the municipality's municipal vehicles, they decide to abandon some of the measures.

Fourteen days ago, the municipalities of Piran, Isola, Koper and Ankaran adopted joint austerity measures to reduce their drinking water consumption. They wanted to avoid intermittent water supply interruptions due to potential pollution of the water source due to a train accident in Hrastovlje. The austerity measures interrupted the water supply of municipal drinking water utilities, among other things, and also did not allow urban baths to be sprayed. The measures also envisaged limiting the irrigation of greenery and other areas from once to a maximum of twice a week. At the same time, the measures included abandoning the washing of roads, streets, yards and cars, ie. activities that consume a lot of water, as shown on the Risan Water Supply website.

Despite the measures taken, they washed a Volkswagen Jetta car owned by the municipal administration in one of the Koper car washes, as shown in the pictures we received in the newsroom. In the municipality of Koper are for Siolexplained that since the day the austerity measures were introduced, they also restricted the washing of company cars. "During this period, we have performed only four vehicle washes for management and staff to attend public events or transport our guests,", they wrote, adding that they had washed the Jetto because of window contamination and reduced protocol visibility.

Laundry of a municipal car in Koper.PHOTOS:

Limited austerity measures

Just a day after it became clear that the municipality of Koper was not following its own instructions, all four municipalities in Slovenian Istria announced that they would mitigate some austerity measures based on a unanimous mayor decision. Starting tomorrow, residents and visitors to the Slovenian coast will be able to rest in the drinking areas and take a bath in public baths operated by municipal utilities – but only on a pre-determined schedule, between 11am and 1pm and between 6pm and 8pm. h. According to a press release, they decided to do so because of the promotion of data from the water supply chain in Koper, since water consumption has actually decreased since the introduction of the measures.

Rice water is not contaminated, recent analyzes show.PHOTO: Bobo

The average water consumption during the dry summer period is usually between 35 and 36 cubic meters per day, while in summer it can exceed 40,000 cubic meters per day. Last week, water consumption in the area was between 34 and 35 thousand cubic meters per day, and after recent rainfall it was reduced to 30 thousand cubic meters per day, according to data from Rice's water supply system. However, they warn that in the next few days, due to higher temperatures and tourist rainfall, drinking water consumption will increase again, so they call for economy.

Watering greenery and other areas is still limited once to a maximum of twice a week and they also urge people to use alternative water sources for irrigation. Street, roads and other public areas are still being cleared. This includes car washing.

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