Sunday , July 3 2022

see what the financial administration is selling


LJUBLJANA – Porsche Cayenne, about 2.5 years old, has landed in the hands of the financial administration. "The car runs smoothly, with a smaller scratch on the front left door. There is also little damage to the rear door, ”says a vehicle advertisement valued at at least € 45,000. It is not known who owns it, but it is from the information provided on the vehicle inspection website it is clear that he was a natural person, 69 years old this year.

The auction is for the sale of movable property, as can be seen – purchased and without guarantee, and no refund is possible after the acquisition. Those who can pay a deposit of one tenth of the value of the car can participate before the auction.

The auction will be on August 19 from 10am, shortly before 8am and 10am.

There is an interested public. PHOTO: RS Financial Administration

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