Monday , October 3 2022

Sex in the elevator of the Eiffel Tower and at the rear of the limousine (known for the most unusual places for sex)


Jada Pinket Smith

The owner withdrew from his passion when in the afternoon of 2010 he took the Oscars:

"He looked at me with lust in my eyes, we began to kiss passionately, one thing brought us to another, we had sex in the limousine, we missed a walk in the red carpet and the event was practically free of makeup" form,

Charlie Sheen

He did not hesitate when he was in the show Watch what's happening live I asked about the most unusual place where he tried to passion:

"Elevator of the Eiffel Tower," he fired as a cannon, and asked the audience whether anyone else had such an undertaking. He did not get an answer.

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