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She lost her sister in the tragedy, and now saved her life from the stranger

Although she has not completed the super slalom test, she can not promise a better ranking after skiing, but Helena Rapparport is one of the heroes of this year's Garmisch-Partenkirchen World Championship.

From our Garmisch Rapporteur

Lisa Hornblad, Lynn Ivarson and Helena RapparportThree young Swedish citizens, including only the first to come to the World Cup, but she never ranked among ten, enjoying a special reputation in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. They won it with a brilliant response during a gondola ride on Thursday morning, where the 60-year-old was in their company and suddenly collapsed after heart failure. The Scandinavians quickly organized a shock, performed a hearty massage and artificial respiration, and called for help that was (not) expected to be at the top station of the gondola. At the top the Germans recovered a little and the doctors are convinced that the skiers have saved their lives.

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Shuhtch's character was packed away from the scene

"We had to act"

The story that shocks many camps, echoes. It was transferred to the world by several agencies, but at the foot of the Kandahar road, Rapporta was asked about it. "After two minutes one of the two passengers who were with us in the cabin lift stopped breathing." Since we knew the trip to the summit was very long, it was clear to us that we should act. " He did not show signs of life. this will be fatal, "says a 24-year-old Swedish citizen. Asked how they knew what to do, he adds, "We are already learning how to help a person with heart failure, which is what you think you will never need."

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A serious test

When recalled on Thursday, she still can not believe they have reacted in such an effective way. But she admits that her heart long after arriving at the hotel did not calm down. "It was a big shock for us, a serious test, and it is fortunately everything ends the way it is." We talked about this with the carmakers and then we talked a lot, such an event leaves the consequences, but in the good end, of course, the feeling is unbelievable better, "says Rapparport, who has repeatedly entered one of Kreuzeckbahn's cable cars after an event that takes skiers from the valley to the top of the Bavarian ski center.

Sister died Matilda Rapaport

Despite her youth, Helena Rapporta knows how to make a difference between life and death. In 2016 her sister died in Chile Matilda Rapparport Hargin, one of the world's most famous and daring skiers in the world. Thirty-year-old Swedish, long-time partner of one of the best Swedish slalomists over the last decade Matthias Hargin (Today he resigned to Kitzbull after the first run of the 14th), with whom he married for three and a half months before the tragedy, was covered with a snowflake. South American doctors struggle for four days for her life, but in vain.

Helena Rapparport is still waiting for the first points in her career.

Helena Rapparport is still waiting for the first points in her career.
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She is delighted to have gone to Chile

"It's not easy for me today, Matilda was my inspiration, but on the other hand, it would be silly to give up skiing." On the contrary, the whole story gives me extra sense, "says a Swedish skier with a throat throat. last year was a particularly emotional summer training in the southern hemisphere. She trained exactly where her sister died. "It was emotional, but today I'm glad I went to Chile, I met with this, and I went on," says the 2024 Universiade bronze superhero-linguist in Sierra Nevada.

Season Challenge: Home World Championship

Helena Rapparport is waiting for only the tenth presence of the World Cup race on Sunday. She hopes for the first moments. His main goal for the season is to take part in the World Aara World Championship in February. "It is said that there is growing interest in Alpine skiing in Sweden, and of course it will be very important to have a chance to play." For a young skier who climbs up, this can be a huge opportunity and an investment in the future, the winter is seen by our Swedish colleague and one of Garmisch-Partenkirchen's (not) competitors.

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"Globe and Olympic gold, and then damage? I sign right away!"

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